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Bakeware Items

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Sweet nothings. Savoury starts. And it all begins with baking. Baking isn't just something you do in the kitchen, it's an art that you master over-time and still keep learning. Any seasoned baker will swear by having the right moulds and tools to work with and how that's the job half done. Our handcrafted bakeware is an ode to that art. It's a fine blend of beauty and utility, both. The ceramic bakeware loads the home chef with everything that they need: from ramekins of varying sizes to baking dishes. And each one is painted entirely by hands too. The terracotta bakeware brings culture to your oven. It's moulded with Earth and goes back into it, making it sustainable bakeware. Even though it's traditional at heart, it can help you pull off modern recipes like creme brule as easily. Food safe bakeware isn't just a promise, it's basic. So all of our bakeware collections meet international food-safety standards.

Bakeware Items with Price

Product Name Price
Upper Crust Ceramic Ramekin 250.00
Upper Crust Ceramic Mixing Bowl- Small 690.00
Upper Crust Ceramic Tart Dish 1250.00
mano ceramic round tart dish 1990.00
mano ceramic ramekin bowl 190.00