Presenting someone something they love and admire is one way to express our affection and admiration towards them. Previously, gifting was synonymous with expensive and precious items.

Your gift is considered more than a piece you give out of love. To be honest, at some parties, one is even judged based on what he brought for the hosts. The best way to overcome the situation is to get an eco-friendly, sustainable item.

There is a perception among many that nature-friendly products are expensive. It is not entirely true. So going by it, you will save on money and will keep Mother Earth happy too. If you are wondering where to get such an article from, Ellementry is the only option.

But why only Sustainable?

We are aware of climate change and global warming. Humans have to be considerate about the planet. Environment-friendly gifting aims to minimize the use of resources. It doesn’t harm nature anyway and sometimes only give back to it. Offering someone a plant is a very popular choice nowadays. It is always best to make someone happy.

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To state a fact, there is a great association between the monetary value of the gift and the perceived value of the relationship. It shouldn’t be the case. As cliché as it sounds, it is always a thought that counts and not the price tag.

According to many studies, gift-wrapping include bow and wrapping paper of non-degradable material. You can substitute them with natural ingredients.

Take a look at some popular ‘Green’ gift packaging alternatives!

Paper Packaging

  • Paper is always nature’s best gift and an excellent packaging option.
  • Glass Packaging: This 100% recyclable will serve your green purpose very conveniently
  • Metal Packaging: Metal such as aluminium and steel are recyclable products.

On a positive note, considering the rate of awareness among people is heartwarming. They are appreciating and preferring nature-friendly gift idea for friends

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There is a wide range of products that will seamlessly help you to select a desirable gifting item for your loved ones. Ellementry, a brand dedicated to handcraft and 100% natural products, will help you find that one present gift.

Midnight Terracotta Vase

 If the occasion is a home warming party, then what is better than taking along a perfect decor item? This beautiful and aesthetic will outshine all other gifts at the party. Their interior will lit up with elegance and simplicity. Since it is made from natural materials, do not forget to tell your friend to store dried flowers in them. Avoid using it with water.

Apple & pear glass jar set of 2

Perfect to give to the mothers on Mother’s day, the jars will upscale their organizing skill to another level. The quirky and exciting shaped glass jars with wooden lids are perfect for storing candies and home-baked sweets. One can even fill them with jelly & jam and put them in the middle of the dining table. They will go with all kinds of décor and will only escalate the place’s look.

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Bell-shaped Glass Cloche with leaf etched wooden base

Just right to surprise your baker friends, this bell-shaped glass cloche will bring a wide smile to their face. It will make their delicious and beautiful sweet creativity shine through glass walls. It is a fusion of glass and wood. The leaf designed etched on the base will double the charm of their homemade desserts, cake and other indulgences.

Fryst wooden bottle cooler with glass insert

If you are invited to a cocktail party, this is the best you can get for the host. Their barware collection will get a touch of nature with style. It is appropriate for special occasions to make it special. Your friends can chill their wine and other drinks in this wine chiller which will go well with the ice bucket.

Ellementry is not only ideal for your sustainable shopping but also for sustainable gifting!

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