Gifting is a great way to show your love and admiration for someone. It shows that you care and cherish the relationship you share with the other person.

As lovely as it sounds, selecting a satisfactory item can be difficult to choose a perfect gifting item for your loved one. Ellementry lends a supportive hand to help you decide what to surprise your friends with.

Please understand there is no such thing as a perfect gift. Anything given out of love is accepted and admired by the recipient. It could be a handmade card, a written note, a fancy product he or she uses or an essential item that would help your dear one all the time.

Deciding what present to give is not rocket science. With some pointers and intuition, you will be able to pick what is best for your favourite buddy.

Presenting someone with the thing they like the most doesn’t ask for the occasion. Birthdays, parties, festivals, celebration are all fine but giving them something out of the blue is what would bring a wide smile to their faces.

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Here are some tips if you are struggling to find one.

Start with listing the ideas in your mind. Analyse them in term of their hobbies and interests. Categories them in different categories like funny, sentimental, essential etc.

Pick something that relates to their personality: Buy an album or a t-shirt of their favourite band for all your music lovers. If you are looking for your mother, you can always make them happy with a beautiful piece of kitchenware item.

Get art or craft supplies to an artistic person. Put your mind on work and you will get what you are looking for.

It is always better to give them something they want. Whatever you choose, it should be meaningful and useful as well.

Here are some eco-friendly and beautiful suggestions to pamper your fellow with:

Tea Amore gift box, two brass teabag rests & one brass teaspoon

 A lot can happen over coffee they say, but tea isn’t far behind. Some intense conversation happens over a cup of hot ginger and flavoured tea as well. This is the perfect item to present to someone who loves the most-cherished drink of India.

He or she can categorically store flavour tea bags in it. It has a pleasing gloss. The lacquer painted all over gives it a durable seal protecting it from damage of all kind.

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Mint eucalyptus natural soy wax glass jar with wooden lid

We all like to go to festive parties, right! But going empty-handed could be embarrassing. This soy wax glass jar with a wooden lid would be an ideal choice for such occasions.

The wax inside is 100% sustainable. It will provide a clean burn with only fragrance released into the air. This glass jar with a wooden lid will make a beautiful and functional gift for your loved ones. Once the wax is over, they can also use it to store the food items.

Devaysa pooja box

What else could be better than offering a puja box to someone who has bought a brand new house? It is the most appropriate gifting ideas for a house-warming party. It is handcrafted from wood and brass.

The upper compartment would act as thali while the lower box will suitable to store all the puja samagri like flowers, sacred thread, incense sticks etc. You can even give it to your relatives at the festivals like Diwali and anniversaries.

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Picante coffee mug set of two (with lid)

Inspired by the fiery red tone of chillies, these two coffee mugs would be a worthy gifting option for a couple for their anniversary.

The mugs come with a lid that can also act as a coaster. It comes packed in a reusable gift box. It is an apt gift for all cappuccino lovers.

Special people in your life deserve to know how much you adore your bond. Giving them a souvenir of your friendship would be a great way to exhibit your admiration for them.

It has to be something of great importance to them so that every time they use it, it must remind them of you and the memories you both shared.

The items suggested above are a few of many that Ellementry offer. Whatever you take, remember to select them by heart.

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