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FAQ On Mug Products

What materials are Mug made of?

The Mug is available in Ceramic, Brass.

What is the Shipping cost of Mug?

A shipping cost is charged if the product’s price is below INR 1000. However, when the product’s price is more than INR 1000, the shipping is free.

What is the minimum and maximum price range of Mug products?

The Mug products range from the lowest price being INR 490 to the highest price being INR 1650.

How many products are available in Mug?

There are total 41 products in Mug Category.

What are the best selling products in Mug?

ocean hearts ceramic coffee mug set of 2, the earth ceramic coffee mug, aqua rustic ceramic mug, Aqua Rustic Ceramic Mug- Tall, aqua rustic ceramic mug small aqua are the best selling products in Mug Category.

Drinking tea or coffee isn't just a habit, it is a vibe that gets us going at the beginning of the day and eases us along early in the evening. So if it is a vibe, why not treat it as one too? Our coffee and tea sets bring Sunday mornings to each and every day of the week. From a warm pot of coffee swirled with gossip and giggles with friends, to a hot milk & sugar pot online, reading a book by yourself, our sets fit into many situations. And there's a wide range of accessories that you can pick and choose according to the mood you want to set. There's a little something for everything related to tea from tea strainers, coasters, coffee mug online, tea cup with lids that become coasters to milk and teapots. If you're planning a gift for a tea enthusiast friend of yours, our tea box gift sets fit right in.

Mugs from ellementry

Tea and coffee have become an integral part of life in most of the Indian houses. Be it the first cup of coffee or tea in the morning or evening tea with friends or family. You can make your tea or coffee session more special with your style of a teacup or coffee mug. Buy coffee mugs from ellementry to make your very own café in your kitchen. At ellementry, you can get a variety of coffee mug online and teacups of your choice. All these cups and mugs are made of ceramic or metal and are absolutely food safe as per the international food safety standards. Being a coffee person, you can have your cappuccino, latte, americano or black coffee in the ceramic coffee mugs online available in different colours and patterns. If you are a tea lover, then you can have your masala tea, green tea, black tea, lemon tea or any other tea of your choice in these teacups. Our teacups and coffee mugs stand out on the desk or even the breakfast spread.

Milk & Sugar Pot from ellementry

Milk and Sugar Pot Sets are usually an important accessory to such meals as every person’s preference for using milk and sugar in tea and coffee is different. For some people, tea-time becomes daily me-time. Masala tea is one of the most cherished drink all over India, and milk & sugar plays a crucial role in making tea and coffee. Lend a royal backdrop to your breakfast with Ellementry Milk and Sugar pot online. Give your milk and sugar a glossy gold dwelling with this Masai pot. Blend this brass pot set and add magnificence to your kitchen. It will go well with your masala chai as well as your filter coffee concoction. This tea and milk pot set is perfect for elegant home decor. It is a very presentable and a royal way to serve tea to your guest or even for your everyday consumption. It is handcrafted with brass, which makes them sturdy and durable. The food-safe gold matte finish adds a festive gleam to your tables. These also make thoughtful gifts for someone who likes to play host. These also make thoughtful gifts for someone who loves to play host. The perfect match for all of your tea time.

Coffee Set from ellementry

You have your Dalgona coffee, boozy Irish coffee, the Algerian Mazagran (supposed to be the ‘original iced coffee’) and your mile-high lattes, but for us Indians, coffee isn’t coffee unless it’s the potent ‘Filter Kaapi’! As legend says, brought to India from Yemen by Baba Budan, a Muslim saint, Coffee quickly gained ground in the southern parts of the country, where it’s still the drink de rigueur in homes and restaurants.

Best served in a steel or brass tumbler and dish (also known as dabarah) combination, filter coffee finds a new home in our Masai brass coffee set.

Coffee Filter from ellementry

Monsooned Malabar – a type of specialty coffee that can only come about in the rains.
Only just gaining popularity in India, Monsooned Malabar’s story starts during the British times when tons of coffee was exported from India to Europe by ship, taking months, travelling around the Cape of Good Hope. The humidity during the journey had a strange effect on their coffee cargo – it turned the brown beans a lighter shade and gave the resulting coffee a fuller, musty flavour that become all the rage. But as shipping became more efficient, reducing the journey time, the flavour of the coffee beans also reduced.

To meet the vigorous demand for this coffee, planters replicated the humid conditions of the sea travel by laying out the sun-dried coffee beans in the rain for 3-4 months, a process called ‘monsooning’. This exposure results in the same pungent flavour and is called Monsooned Malabar, which is much loved in fine espresso blends worldwide. How about trying some of it in our Masai Coffee Filter on a rainy day?

Tea mugs at ellementry

A (short) mug of cinnamon tea to sip at leisure or some breakfast rolls with that. Tea drinking is our national pastime. Some drink it by the litre, some choose a more sane size and some just want a little. And we’ve got a mug for each one of you! Pick the one you want and gift one to your favorite tea partner! You can enjoy your endless rounds of chai, infused with the goodness of saffron in our Peach Life small mugs. You can also have a mix and match adventure of making your own set of tea cups. Pick the pieces you love and create your very own sets that speak your own style. A tiny constellation of our new short mugs will make you enjoy your cutting chai. 

Whether it’s the masala chai, barely-there cutting chai or a proper pot of brewed goodness, tea is our daily cup of delight and a national pastime. There’s the Chai Latte – the elevated version found in cafes and tea houses abroad, the Turmeric Tea is touted as a cure-all (and we’ve known that for ages!) and then there’s the ‘dip-dip’ tea bags for days when you want your tea real quick. But there are more varieties of this drink in the country than just these!
Whatever version of tea you want to try, have it in the handcrafted food-safe ceramic tea mugs from ellementry.

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