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A majority of people’s life revolves around their home. This is a place where you relax, entertain, cook, enjoy a hearty laugh with family and share their problems. No doubt, people go to great lengths to make their living space more comfortable and enchantingly beautiful. 

As your house will be visited by the guests, the interiors must be tastefully decorated with the best decor products. The only problem that is commonly faced is picking the right items that deserve to be a part of your sacred space. 

When you visit sites like Ellementry, this issue fails to daunt you any further. The brand is wholeheartedly creating such stunning decor pieces that are sure to steal your heart. 

Exiting room decor ideas

Every item you will check out on has been handmade and while caring for Mother Nature. The sustainable and eco-friendly goods will help you save the planet without compromise your decoration needs. To help you further in the interior decoration process, listed below are handpicked items from the brand that will enhance the beauty of your home. 

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Jot Down Notice Board With 4 Magnet Stoppers

This decor piece is a perfect addition to the homes where the family is always on the go. The notice board combines form and function seamlessly. It is hanged as wall decor, but you can scribble messages for your family on it.

Kitchen notice board


The 4 magnet stoppers allow you to stick notes as well. Its wooden frame will complement any wall colour and add a stylish edge to your kitchen or dining area. You can also stick family pictures or important notes as a reminder. 

Black Textured Metal Platter

Homeowners who are enthusiastic about impressive and relaxing home decor make it a point to add different tables to their home. However, the beauty of this piece of furniture comes alive when it is paired with stunning decor items. 

So, if you also have empty tabletops, make it a point to add this black textured metal platter to it. This decor item alone can be put to various uses. You can line it with snacks, t-light candles, and fresh flowers or use it to place keys on it. The platter decoration will enhance the exquisiteness of your space. 

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Jharoka Lantern

If you are a fan of a minimalistic look, then this jharoka lantern will interest you. Crafted from ecomix material, it is an environmentally friendly product. The handcrafted design will add a new charm to your space. 

You can place it on the table or hang it. Couple it with t-light or string lights for that mood lighting. The zig-zag pattern will allow light to pass through it and craft a heavenly glow all around. 

Teravak Embossed Planter

Plants are a natural element. When you bring it indoors, they elevate the way space looks and feel. The area looks more vibrant and calming. Indoor plants are also a great way of purifying the air. 

Planter room decor

So, when you choose a planter as a decor item, you are doing your health a favour. Handcrafted from terracotta material and teravak embossed, this decor item will add to your lively or subtle environment. Place it anywhere you like and see how it enhances the beauty of your space. 

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Kasa Vase- Ecomix

Do you wish to make your house more sustainable and eco-friendly? If yes, then you must invest in decoration and other products that are made from ecomix material, which is an art of combining materials like paper, glue and chalk powder. 

Kasa Vase is made from this substance, causing no harm to nature but adding style to your home. You can use the vase as a piece of art or add flowers of your choice to it. Whatever you decide on, the ribbed pattern makes an exciting design that is perfect for a millennial home. 

Summing It Up

When you are backed by the right knowledge and exquisite products, decorating home and bringing in that heavenly feel isn’t difficult any more. Whether you wish to make your space cosy or look like an art gallery, the above-mentioned products will help you to achieve your goal effortlessly. So don’t wait and order these items from right away and make the interiors look like you always wanted. 

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