India is famous for three things. It is known for its rich culture, aromatic spices, and hospitality. The diversity in the country is not limited to people. It can be vividly seen in everything that surrounds you. Take an example of the culinary you use in your daily life.

The culinary diversity in India is never given serious thought by anyone. But, if you notice, you will see that with time the utensils that we use in our kitchens switch their material as the time changes.

Mankind began with eating on big banana leaves and then moved to earthen pots. Later came copper, glass, silver, and now we have ceramic, terracotta, acrylic and so many more. Have a look at some of this modern serveware handcrafted from brass only on Ellementry.

One such component is Brass. It is still used in many households because of its numerous health benefiting properties.  The component is a composite alloy of Copper and Zinc. Both of them are essential for the body to function appropriately.

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Drinking water from the glass left filled overnight destroys germs and harmful bacteria from the body. It also improves the digestion process. Eating from the brass utensil has a lot of advantages. The copper and zinc gets migrated into food and later get absorbed into the body. 

It is understandable that amidst all the rush that you have in your life, it becomes difficult to keep pace with health in our traditional ways. One believes that eating healthy is enough to keep your body fit, but what you don’t know is that material your plate and spoon is made from is equally important. Brass has several more benefits, like:

  • It produces melanin for healthy hair and skin
  • It is known to improve and enhance the immunity and strength
  • Material is capable enough to cure abdominal infections
  • Cures respiratory diseases like cough and asthma.
  • The material is known for sharpening the memory
  • Utensils made from brass release natural oil of the food ingredients which add unique taste and flavour to the food.

Brass is also a good choice when it comes to house décor. With time we have realized the value of antique brassware. You might see that many households put their old family brass heirloom for display. It gives them a feeling of pride.


Aesthetic appearance is not the only reason to bring the brass décor item to home. It has an inherent natural frequency that calms the human mind. Water kept in a brass Uruli absorbs all kinds of negativity from the house.

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There could be many more reasons, but here are some items for you, specially handcrafted from Brass, to add to your brass kitchenware collection

Masai brass milk and sugar pot set gold

Who doesn’t like to eat and drink from a royal looking serveware? This Masai brass milk and sugar pot will add the feeling of royalty and luxury to the table. Now you can begin your every morning making your perfect tea from this beautiful piece. Your milk and sugar now have a glossy gold dwelling with this Masai pot. Put it on your table and add magnificence to your table.


Silver brass round butter dish

It is a classic butter dish. Now spread homemade butter on your toast with style and elegance. The product maintains hygiene and saves you from the mess of melting butter. It is 100% kitchen and table-friendly.  The butter dish is worth showing off to everyone who comes over for a tea party. 

Shiraz brass cheese & wine cutlery

Not everyone has a fancy collection of barware. If you have one, then this cutlery set is for you. Invite some wine lovers over your place because Wine and cheese nights are always magical.

This product can make your night mesmerizing and memorable. It is 100% food safe as per international standards. The two knives will help you cut your cheese smoothly. With a regular bottle opener, the wine bottle’s cork will open in a blink. 

Silver brass toast rack- small

Make your first meal of the day will elevate your standard right away. Rather than keeping your slices of bread on the plate, serve them well using this toast rack. Present them with style as this silver lacquered toast rack will bring the element of royalty to the table.  

Give your kitchen a whole new look with brass serveware available at

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