Everyone loves food! It is the core of our being. We need it to gain energy and feel satisfied. However, food is no more a mere necessity. Today, people don’t eat to satiate their body from hunger. They eat for pleasure, for flavours. As individuals have high disposable incomes, they are spending money more than even and lavishly.

The introduction of foreign food chains, new cuisines and dishes have only added to our needs. So, if we talk about one popular foreign foods at this moment that would be pasta. Marco Polo introduced pasta to Italy following his exploration of the Far East in the late 13th century. Ever since its introduction, food lovers around the world have fallen hopelessly in love with it.

With the tangy taste, creamy texture and mouth-watering aroma, pasta is a popular dish even in India. Many have also excelled in the art of making it just the way a restaurant would. But when you are using the best ingredients and the right method, why are you still serving it in those conventional steel plates? Don’t you think it is time to give your serveware an upgrade when you are doing so with your cooking?

Ellementry is here to help you out. The brand has the most stunning and elaborative collection of serveware items that deserve to be a part of your modern kitchen. The pasta looks delicious when cooked the right way. So it makes complete sense that it is also served the way it would come to you in a fancy restaurant. To achieve that, you need a fantastic serveware set that will do complete justice to your lip-smacking culinary art.

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Before we jump to the serveware collection that is at your disposal, let’s learn the recipe of pasta in cheese sauce. 

Pasta in Cheese Sauce Recipe

Boil the pasta of your choice, rinse it with cold water and set it aside. 

Start the sauce making process by heating a generous amount of butter in a pan. Put in 2 tbsp of flour (maida) and mix. Keep stirring until it gets slightly darkened. Now, you will need to add 1 cup of milk very gradually into it.

Make sure that you keep stirring; otherwise, the mixture will start forming lumps. Bring it to a boil and then lower the heat. Simmer it for a while. You can add salt, oregano and chilly flakes to give it a nice flavour. Don’t forget to stir while you are at it.

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Before you add pasta to the sauce, add some cheese of your choice to bring restaurants like consistency and taste. Once the cheese melts, add pasta, mix it all, and you are done! The result will be spectacular, and your family would love every bite of it. 

Let’s get down to the serveware!

Now, that you have prepared the pasta, it’s time to serve it the right way. Listed below are some serveware ideas that you can make the most of. 

Midnight Mango Wood Bowl

If you have invited a special someone over for a date night and preparing the meal yourself, you will need a midnight mango wood bowl to extend your hospitality the right way. The black colour adds to the beauty of the item and will look stylish on your dinner table.

It will also help in setting the right mood. The mango wood will preserve the taste of the food and not temper it in any way. Couple it with the Midnight Wooden Salad Spoon Set to complete the look.

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Sienna Terracotta Bowl With Lid

Are you someone who wants to make the family eat healthily but don’t want to compromise on the cravings? Then, you will certainly like to serve the food in a sienna terracotta bowl with a lid. You can put hot food into this bowl and cover it with a wooden lid. The edible item will stay fresh, and the goodness of clay will also seep into the food. The taste in every bite will be full of pleasure and health. 

Ochre Mango Wood Platter

Take your hospitality to the next level by serving your home-cooked delicious pasta in an ochre mango wood platter. The food presentation will look artistic and highly tempting. The moment you set a platter full of pasta garnished artistically on the table, every morsel on it will be consumed before you even know it. 

Give these ideas and the above recipe a try. There is no way that you will be left disappointed. Ellementry has many other items in its serveware collection to assist you.

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