Indian cuisine is all about having the right flavours, tanginess, aroma and more. To achieve the right food consistency, we Indians love to enjoy each morsel of food with pickles and condiments. There are vast varieties of pickles that make our mealtime even more exciting.

The western culture is also adopting the recipes and giving them their twist to cater to even a much wider consumer base. If we go back into time, it is believed that pickles originated in India 4,000 years ago, as this technique was initially used to preserve food and seasonal produce.

This art became more and more domestic, passing down from mothers to daughters. However, it is the storage of Achaar that must also be done right to ensure that it stays fresh and edible for a very long time. Martban was what traditionally used, but the times have changed.

Even the conventional martban needs a contemporary twist. This is what Ellementry offers. The brand has a wide range of ceramic and glass jars that are ideal to store chutney and achaar without compromising on the style.

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Pickles need cool and shaded storage to last long. The rules of handling it are also strict. One must always make use of a dry wooden or steel tablespoon to serve out the condiments.

Airing the mixture with a good stir is also essential now and then. If you are also looking to place your favourite pickles into new jars and in search of something contemporary, Ellementry has a wide range of jars that will come in handy. 

Carbon Ceramic Jar

If you are a fan of a white colour scheme or something subtle and classy, then you must choose a carbon-ceramic jar to store that zingy achaar. Its beautiful colour pattern will gel with the decor theme. The wooden lid will ensure that the pickle doesn’t get spoiled any soon. Invest in a pair or more to give all your tasty condiments a right home.


Twain Glass Jar With Wooden Bowl (Large)

Want to know which jar is holding what condiment without wasting time? Then the best way of knowing that is by using a glass jar. Twain glass jar with a wooden bowl (large) is a timeless beauty.

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The lid is shaped in the form of a bowl that you can use for serving a purpose. If you have guests coming for lunch or dinner, set the table with this jar. Top the bowl lid with the condiment. It will be much easier to take a spoonful. Your friends or family will leave impressed!

Aqua Rustic Ceramic Jar With Wooden Lid

If you are an old school who loves contemporary items, take a look at an aqua rustic ceramic jar with a wooden lid. It represents achaar ka martban with modern twist. The subtle shade will bring back the beauty of the good old days into your kitchen. The combination of ceramic and wood gives an earthy feel, getting you closer to nature as well. 

Twigy Frosted Glass Jar With Wooden Lid (Tall)

Another great addition to your kitchen and pickle collection is twigy frosted glass jar with a wooden lid (tall). The frosted glass with leaves pattern is pure delight. The wooden cover has a nice head over it that you can use to showcase your distinctive choice.


Allora Glass Jar

Do you often struggle to find a clean and dry spoon when taking out pickle from the jar? Well, nothing should come between you and your cravings. To avoid any delay, invest in an Allora glass jar that comes with a wooden spoon.

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The best part is that the side of the container has a small holder that keeps the spoon intact. Are you craving some spiciness or tanginess? Remove the spoon from the holder and scoop the achaar and onto your plate. 

Hemisphere Ceramic Jar With Wooden Lid (Short)

When setting the table for guests, only the best items must be on the list. As condiments are an essential part of Indian cuisine, there is no way you can overlook offering that. Use a hemisphere ceramic jar with a wooden lid (short) to serve the achaar. The white shade will complement every serveware. You can also use the jar to store cookies, dry fruits, candies and more. 

The above-listed items are made from ceramic and glass, ideal for storing pickles and condiments. Grandma will love and admire this modern twist. So, what are you waiting for? Order your favourite items from today!

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