At least once in life, everyone goes through a phase where he misses his good old days the most. Nostalgia never seems to leave the heart and mind. The question is why do we long for such moments when we can still create and live them? As you evolve and grow, things and people around you change.

The best way to keep the older ones close to your heart is through communication. Plan a meet or host a small get together at your place. Cook them their favourite meal and talk about your best moments with them as you create one. Serve them using the fancy and sustainable tableware by Ellementry.

Talking to buddies not only keeps you happy but is also the best thing that you can do for your health. 

Yes, it is true. Hanging out with friends actually brings positive change to your health. While everyone takes a similar path to be fit, why don’t you try hanging out with your dear ones some more time?

According to a study, your friend circle decides your happiness, stress, and well-being level. If you are thinking what other than meeting at your favourite restaurant or a cafe you can do with your friends, then here are some ideas to help you with that:

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Work out

Make your school friend your gym buddy. You can track, trail and exercise together while chattering about the day’s happening. It will help you improve your health and companionship. Working out after work hours would be a great idea as you can skip the hardest thing one can do: waking up early in the morning.

Play a sport together

What else do you want in a friend who can play the same sport as you? There are so many sports that you can play together; there is snooker, soccer, cricket, golf. The list goes on. It is the best thing you can do with a friend.


Maybe your friend is someone who likes to get involved in our community and volunteer for a social cause. Your friend will feel great if you will accompany him.

Cook dinner for your friend

Hanging out café is common nowadays. What counts as special is when you will cook something for your friend with your hands. Plan a night and invite some buddies over to catch up and create a delicious meal.

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Now when you are hosting a get together at home, you and your table must be ready to receive the guests. Have a look at these tablewares that will help you with your party.

Celestial brass ladle set of 2Much like people, even food has its right type. Ellementry’s celestial brass ladles will help you with all of your servings. They are handcrafted and made from brass which has special antibacterial properties. Their gold and matt finish brings the element of royalty and luxury to the table.

Enigma rose gold cake set of two

A meal always ends with a dessert. Offering friends a cake would be perfect. Serve them with this special cutlery collection by Ellementry. Give your sweet feast a healthy and royal touch using this enigma rose gold cutlery. The colour will attract you and will encourage you to bring it home immediately.

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Frangipani wooden cutlery stand

Running here and there looking for spoons for the guest at the last moment kills the vibe. Keep this frangipani wooden cutlery box on the table and store all your spoons, forks, and napkins in it. There is a place for everything that one needs while eating. The design on the product is hand-painted by true artists. You can pair it with any complementary piece of the frangipani collection to complete the set.

Amber love ceramic side plate

Do you also think that plates on the table can make or break the entire table decor? It is true. A platter really makes the difference. This ceramic plate by Ellementry is ideal for keeping bread, phulkas, and other side dishes charmingly. Its vibrant yellow colour will make the table look brighter and ready for the meal.

Matt silver water jug

Are you still using those ordinary water jugs? It is now that you must switch to this matt silver water jug. The matt finish of the product is to die for. The best thing about this jug is that it will never go out of style.

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