Summer is here with a harbinger of possibilities. Again, the time to pack your sweatshirts and get your Air-conditions maintained, has arrived. Depending on your geographical location, the season may mean distinct experiences in each household across the globe.

Sometimes summers could be coherent with a clear sky and sun-kissed skin, and another time scorching heat takes everything down with the pouring sweat. The heat in most hot countries makes us stay indoors – especially during the day. We wear cool and comfortable clothes to change our lifestyle choices. We plan holidays and shop for summers then why not consider adding new kitchenware and tableware in our households?

Here is a range of tableware available online at Ellementry that will bring summertime to your household in the best fashion:

Amber love ceramic dinner plate

There are different dinnerware types available online. These unique dinnerware sets are the centre of your parties. They are multipurpose and fit into your every day easily. You may also pair them with other pieces from Amber Love to provide the appropriate finish to the look.

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Fiore ceramic dinner plate

Choosing from a range of dinnerware plates, Fiore ceramic plate makes your every day wonderful and it also blends into special suppers. When paired with other pieces from the collection, the look is completed.

Fiore ceramic thali

The Fiore ceramic thali confers a divine backdrop to your food with its hand-painted sky blue flowers. Use this as a platter for servings in your big events. Pair it with other pieces from the collection to complete the look.

Fiore ceramic nut bowl

The Fiore ceramic nut bowl serves nibbles against a celestial backdrop of hand-painted sky blue flowers. Pair it with other pieces from the collection to complete the look.

Linea ceramic serving bowl- large

This hand-painted ceramic serving bowl is versatile- it sits well into your everyday and blends into any occasion. A line draws inspiration from nature and brings its vast bounty to this collection. Pair the bowl with complementary pieces from ‘Linea‘ to complete the set.

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Linea ceramic breakfast jug

Your morning juice gets its refreshment with this breakfast jug. It comes with a minimal tone and a trademark line spurred by nature that makes it perfect for special occasions and every day. When paired up with other pieces from ‘Linea’, the look gets a finishing touch.

Upper crust ceramic ramekin

This ceramic ramekin has endless uses. It can be applied to pre-measure cooking ingredients, serve snacks and bake single desserts.

Sienna terracotta bowl

Though the essential function of this Ellementry terracotta ramekin is for baking and serving individual dessert, you can have endless uses of ceramic ramekins. This terracotta ramekin is ideal for pre-measure cooking ingredients, serve snacks and of course, bake single desserts.

Frangipani oval wooden platter (large)

calls attention to the beauty and fragility of the natural world by painting on every day wooden. The ‘Frangipani’ Wooden Platter large is a perfect example of a serving platter set. It is as strong and rich. The wooden serving platter has a coat of lacquer and meets international food safety standards. It’s ideal for desserts or passing around nibbles at a party.

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Frangipani rectangle wooden tray

The wooden tray has obtained the beauty and delicacy of nature. While being elegant, this piece is also resolute and helpful. The serving tray set is used for serving beverages, breakfast and everything in between. It has clean lines and a beautiful hand-painted flowery pattern. The tray can be complemented with the other Frangipani collection items.

Frangipani glass cloche with wooden platter

The glass cloche platter is a fusion of glass and wood. It uplifts the charm of sweets, nuts and other indulgences. This glass top with a wooden platter is a perfect example of that. It is handcrafted & the floral pattern is hand-painted. It wears a coat of lacquer and meets international food safety standards. 

Frangipani lazy Susan

Move spices around without lifting anything with this Frangipani Wooden Lazy Susan. Serve little morsels, desserts and everything in between as the tableware whirls around the table. The decorative patterns on this are exquisitely hand-painted by artisans to bring out the versatility of wood. 

Furthermore, introducing natural elements like plants to a room — whether flowers from the garden or potted plants — will instantly make space feel more green and natural. It can give our indoor a rustic look with soothing shrubs and fine tableware. The renovation may also include experimenting with beautiful and unconventional food platters and trays.

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