For the last two years, our home has turned into every place we used to visit. Office, favourite hangout spot, gym, school, movie theatre, it have been metamorphosed in all sort of ways.

At this moment in time, it has become essential for us to elevate our mood every day and create positive and lively working as well as a living atmosphere at home itself.

Especially in these difficult times, it is essential to come up with exciting and creative plan so that staying inside doesn’t get mundane and tiresome for you. One of these plans could be creating a restaurant-like dining experience at home. The best way to do it is using tableware items by Ellementry.

Begin from the scratch. Remove everything from the counter. Place it on a different spot than usual like in the garden or your balcony if you have enough space. Start with creating a perfect ambience.

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Put pretty lights around you. Some flower or beautiful indoor plants will add to the whole vibe. Don’t forget to keep your favourite playlist ready. You can even set up a screen if it is game night.

Before setting the table, think about what exactly is that you are looking for. Choose a theme. Would you want to keep it a minimum or want to go all out with it? It is okay if you don’t have anything prior in your mind. You can always create and decorate your counter by mixing and matching your cutlery collection

Creating a fine dining experience at home would be a great excuse for exhibiting your authentic cutlery items. Invite your neighbours or few friends over dinner. 

Before placing all the plates, glasses, and bowls on the table, you must consider other items as well. It includes mats, napkins, runner, and drinkware. Everything on the slab must complement each other.

If you are wondering where you can find all of these items in one place, Ellementry is the only answer. It designs and offers its customers a wide range of all of these products at many affordable prices.

Aksa 100% cotton placement set of 6

You might be the proud owner of a fancy dinnerware set but, if you don’t have a perfect mat to keep them on, all the efforts would be in vain. Aksa cotton placement mats not only dress up your counter with their beautiful pattern but also provide a huge relief from all kinds of spills and smudges on the table. Its design has a different kind of sophistication which, when placed on a board, gives a very elegant and classy look.

Macramé cotton table runner terracotta

This runner is perfect for those who love to experiment and prefer to do everything in style. This beautiful piece of cloth is an attention catcher. One look and you would want it on your slab.

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Its unique design and look would give life to an ordinary-looking table. Fringes at the end lend a very millennial touch to it. It comes in two colours. You can select according to your desk and room colour.

Terracotta water bottle with sphere stopper

Summer is finally here. Staying hydrated throughout the season is a must. This terracotta bottle is a reshaped conventional Matka. It serves the same property. The bottle keeps the water cool for a longer time.

It is also 100% nature-born, sustainable and safe. You can consider it as a conglomeration of modern with traditional. This terracotta water bottle with a sphere stopper will look perfect on your table. It is also an ideal gifting item for your friends or siblings. 

Fiore ceramic side plate

The ceramic plate will look appealing on the counter and will invite the guest for snacks on its own. Serve anything you want on these plates and amaze your visitors with your perfect eco-friendly choices in tableware products

Along with these beautifully handcrafted suggestions given above, here are some tips to make your dining experience a memorable one.

Give attention to your furniture as they also have a character of their own. You can choose between vintage looking and modern dining furniture.

Decorating just the stand won’t be enough. You have to make an extra effort for creating a restaurant like an ambience at home. The decor matters a lot when you are trying to set the mood for your meal. Use lights or wall decor items like the painting. If you don’t want to do any of it, keep the table under the chandelier and, you are ready.

Don’t just put anything anywhere on the table. Keep it organised and elegant. 

Don’t fret if nothing goes according to the plan. Sometimes memorable moments come from unplanned moments.

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