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It’s time to bring some green to the table. Shall we?

As much as we are aware of our present environmental condition, it has become mandatory on our parts to adopt a wholesome lifestyle. It isn’t limited to eating and drinking healthy but also to use items that contribute to the betterment of the environment. 

Considering our present situation, not only should we consider the environmental impact of what we eat, but what we are eating it on as well. Sustainable serveware set by Ellementry is the epitome and the foundation of planet-friendly kitchen products. 

You might be wondering environment-friendly crockery must be ordinary looking. But, to your surprise, these eco-friendly dishes are no less beautiful than our daily use utensils. 

Eco-friendly Dining ware


Ellementry offers a wide range of unique serveware collections handcrafted by artists. Each of them is beautiful, inexpensive and surprises your guests with their eccentric design and captivating look. 

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But the real question is which of all the material used to make cutlery and dishes are environmentally sound? 

Bowls and plates made from terracotta, ceramic and glass are the best options when you are going for ecological choices for your kitchen. Terracotta products are put together from fairly coarse, porous clay. 

They are very much like the traditional earthen pots, which were earlier used for cooking and storing water by our predecessors. Ceramic are of 3 types: earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. 

All 3 of them are given shape from clay. The difference is in the heat temperature required to bake them. Glass is used in our household for ages. From being a luxury to a daily used item, glass has come a long way. 

All the kitchenware products made from these 3 materials are finest when a person is going for safe and ecological ware in the kitchen. 

Here are some of the best products from the serveware collections of Ellementry. 

Rustic sage ceramic serving bowl

Next time you organize a dinner at your place, do not forget to bring out these rustic sage ceramic serving bowls. The bowls will not only escalate the overall setting of the dining table but, will also wow the guests with their chic and flawless design. 

The bowls are ideal for serving from anything to everything. They are 100% food safe and crafted by hands especially for you. They come in two sizes; large and small. You can buy them at your convenience. Do not hesitate to take a step ahead and buy the other parts of this collection to complete the look. 

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Ceramic breakfast plate polka dots blush

What you have on your plate in the morning decides your day’s mood. Good food, good mood. But it is equally important to consider if your plate is as refreshing to look at as your morning breakfast. 

Sometimes it is not the breakfast that kills your mood but the platter it is served on; Give yourself a morning treat with a ceramic breakfast plate. It will give your first meal a dash of romance with its soothing colour. This handcrafted plate is microwave and dishwasher friendly.  

Goblet glass cloche with wooden base

A good looking cake and well-baked bread is a matter of pride and deserves to be showcased. Flaunt your baking skills in style as your bread and cookies sit pretty inside this goblet glass cloche with a wooden base. 

It is an extraordinary fusion of glass and wood. It doubles the charm of your skills and makes the food inside look more tempting and delicious. 

Sienna terracotta bowl with lid

Give your table a cultural boost with sienna terracotta bowls. They are wonderful to store nuts and nibbles. You can also place it on your study table and keep your stationery in it. 

They are adorable in size and goes well with all kinds of décor. The lid keeps the food inside safe from moisture and dirt. 

Everybody nowadays is welcoming ethically-produced products in the kitchen. For such a healthy and upkeep lifestyle, Ellementry is a one-stop destination. You would find some elegant and alluring pieces which, for you, would be hard to resist. 

Each of them would raise your living standard and would also make your serve ware and tableware set the talk of the town. People would want to know and might be envious of your unique and classy choices. 

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