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Be it an all-nighter that runs through the AM or a sassy sundowner with the group, and brass adds a touch of class to your holiday season plans. And if you’re the host and the bartender for the night, the last thing you want to worry about is the drinking glasses. The barware glass set from Ellementry looks stunning against the festive lights and holds anything with a lemon or olive twist in style. They let you keep the festive spirits flowing all through the party. These bar glasses are handcrafted, and they have the perfect match for all of your inhouse parties. These bar glasses are designed for the modern consumer while maintaining their innate craft sensibilities, reminding us that a skilled artisan has created each piece. These high-quality, food-safe, brass glasses are royal enough to make your special occasion more beautiful. So, to add that touch of royalty to your bar collection with these martini glasses, walk in to buy these from any of the Ellementry stores across the country or order it online.

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