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Earthenware has always been an intrinsic part of Indian kitchens. We all like to eat Dum Biryani or savour sweet and cool Lassi in kullad on a hot day. Ever wondered what makes them so different and more delicious from what we cook at home in our usual cookware 

It is the vessel used to cook them. Switch to earthen kitchenware items to relish the traditional taste daily. Ellementry makes it possible for you to own and add a conventional charm to your kitchen with modern earthen cookware. 

Now, what is so unusual in cooking in an earthen cookware set? There are tons of health benefits that could be stated and discussed here. To begin with, the clay items confirm versatility and stand unique from the usual utensils. 

Terracotta Cookware

Food cooked in these cookeries is considered to be more delicious as earthy flavours tend to melt and blend with the smacking taste of food ingredients. 

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There are some incredible benefits of using clay pots for cooking. Here are the top 5: 

They enhance the overall flavours of the food

Cooking apparatus made from earthen clay is alkaline, which mixes with the acid and minerals present in the food, eventually balancing its pH. This property makes the food healthier and lends a mystical aroma to it. The food becomes rich in iron, phosphorous, calcium and magnesium.  

They are good for your heart

We are living in the times of balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. People avoid food that includes excess oil and fat. Clay pots are perfect for making non-oily dishes as they require comparatively less oil for cooking. It is ideal for a slow cooking process. It maintains the natural moisture and essential oils present in food ingredients. 

Retain the natural nutritional value of the food

These kitchenware set are porous and allow the heat and moisture to equally distribute all over the vessel during the entire cooking process. It lets the nutritional value retain for a longer period. Because of this characteristic, dishes like meat prepared in clay pots are juicy and tender. 

They don't hurt your pockets

Everybody would agree to the fact the utensils made from clay are very affordable. They are available at a low cost and in many different sizes. So if you are cooking a meal for 2 or 20 people, earthen cookware is always at your rescue. 

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They revive the cultural value in the kitchen

It doesn't matter how modern we have become, we always tend to find ways of coming close to our roots. Earthen cookery items give a traditional vibe to the surrounding. 

It wouldn't be wrong to say that in a way it keeps you grounded as well. Our culture and heritage are what we take pride in and utilising clay made cooking products would only add to it. 

Truth to be told, we are too modern to use them. Our lifestyle doesn't allow us or helps us to adapt to the lifestyle our ancestors had. But, we are advance enough to replace it with a perfect substitute. If not the utensils made from original earth clay, we may use the vessels made from terracotta. 

Both of them share the same characteristics and purpose. There are plenty of terracotta-made kitchenware products available in the market to make your kitchen stand out from the crowd. To access the best of all, visit as it has some handcrafted items which especially designed and made for you. 

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Terracotta baking dish

For all the baking enthusiasts, this baking dish is an answer to your struggle to find a perfect baking dish. These bakewares are perfect for baking creamy and cheesy pasta. Let the baker hidden inside you take over the kitchen with these beautiful handcrafted and 100% eco-friendly baking dishes.

Terracotta Baking Dish

Terracotta curd setter

We all cherish anything homemade. Homemade curd is full of flavour and cream on the top. It is thick and bouncy too. But it requires a special container that can provide it suitable environment and perfect breeding ground for bacteria responsible for best-considered curd. 

It is, undoubtedly, a perfect replacement for Clay-made pots. Just like them, it also allows the heat to flow equally all over. It retains the food's original nutritional value. 

Terracotta keeps the mineral intact and maintains the natural acid and flavours of the ingredients. Make some space for the exquisite terracotta collections by Ellementry and give your cooking a unique and sustainable style.

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