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A delicious cake, fudge brownies, homemade ice cream or mithai, is always a welcoming sight after a sumptuous dinner. As a result, many people have started whipping and baking tasty treats in their kitchen. Some are blessed with the talent of baking, while others still try to hone their skills. 

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned baker, there are various baking tools that you are incomplete without. Several individuals substitute the bakeware with general kitchenware itemsbut it is the actual thing that makes the difference. 

Right from whipping to serving, Ellementry offers some stunning items that can elevate your experience in the kitchenette. The products shine in all their glory and can encourage other family members to try their hand in cooking or baking. 

Home Baking Wares


If you are also aspiring to give wings to your passion or learn a new skill in the kitchen, then we have compiled a list of five baking tools that you need when baking from home. Even if you are a non-baker, seeing these beautiful tools, you will be more than inclined to start using them. 

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Upper Crust Ceramic Mixing Bowl

Are you planning to make some brownies, muffins or a cake? For that, you will need to mix and whip all the ingredients in a bowl. However, a lot of bakers face problem in keeping the bowl steady. 

Furthermore, spills are also frequent when transferring the batter to the baking pan. If you wish nothing of this to happen and upgrade your baking experience, a hand-glazed mixing bowl is just what you need. It is easier to hold and pour. 

The beautiful carved design makes it worthy for the kitchen. You can also place it on the dining table as a serving bowl set. 

Sienna Terracotta Baking Dish

Want your baked dishes to taste heavenly and also be healthy? Then keep the conventional baking dish aside and use one made from terracotta. The material is 100% oven friendly and perfect for slow cooking.


Terracotta Baking Dish


You can use the sienna terracotta baking dish for various purposes. The stunning design also makes it perfect for serving as well. There are various sizes of baking dishes available at Ellementry. Grab all and make your very own terracotta baking dish set. 

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Upper Crust Ceramic Loaf Pan

Wish to make banana bread, multigrain bread or your very own fresh bread for morning breakfast? Many people drop the plan because they don’t have the right loaf pan for the purpose. Say goodbye to this woe with an upper crust ceramic loaf pan. 

The ceramic material will ensure that your bread cooks evenly and don’t burn in the wake. The moisture will not seep through it. You can pop it in the microwave or oven. The handcrafted design and the overall beauty of this loaf pan are irresistible. 

Mano Ceramic Round Tart Dish

Hosting a dinner or making a sweet delicacy? Mano ceramic round tart dish will meet both your requirements in the best way possible. You can use the dish to make your favourite pie or use it to serve snacks and nibbles at a party. When you will have this best tart dish in your kitchen, a lot of ideas will pop up in your mind to use it in creative ways.  

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Frangipani Glass Cloche With Wooden Platter

Storing and serving delicacies takes a new twist with this stunning frangipani glass cloche with wooden platter. You can whip and bake lip-smacking desserts and more. Store it in this glass cloche and set it on the dinner table.


Frangipani Glass Cloche with Wooden Platter


If you have friends coming over for tea, serve cake, biscuits and muffins straight out of the cloche glass, placing it on the wooden platter attached to it. This beautiful piece will not go unnoticed, and your hospitality will move a notch higher. 

These are just a few options for a home baker, and more can be availed at Every piece of bakeware is a baker’s dream come true. 

The handcrafted items made from sustainable material are at the epitome of form and function. Terracotta, glass, ceramic and more are all food safe. 

Most of the products are also oven or microwave safe, allowing you to bake goods just the way you want or directed by the recipe. Get whipping and baking with Ellementry! 

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