How many times you have seen your living room area and wondered what more you can do to make it look more welcoming and exciting? The most common mistake that a majority of homeowners make is that they pick certain furniture pieces without much thought.

Place it wherever it fits and try to complement the space with a few decor items. The living room is not just about adding wood and upholstery to space. It is about creating an aura that people would love to be in. A room that pulls families out of their rooms and brings them to a common area where conversations can flow easily.

It is why one must put in a lot of thought and consideration to decorate this entertainment space. In case, you are feeling overwhelmed, and wondering what products to choose, Ellementry is here to the rescue! The brand that has been offering handmade items for a very long time has moved forward with the same approach with its furniture.

When you visit, you witness furniture & lighting products that are amazingly beautiful and highly functional. You don’t just bring home furniture that is stunning to look at but a piece that will make even a humble area more welcoming and practical.

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The most gifted artisans are behind the making of such furnishings. No doubt, it steals the hearts of people straight away. The highest quality of wood is bought in and then lovingly crafted so that it can stand the test of time and even the daily wear and tear. If you too wish to elevate the way your living area looks and feel, then the listed below products deserve a spot in your space.

Doyen Side Table

Is there a little corner in your living room that is vacant and in desperate need of attention? Do you want your guests to be more comfortable when they visit your home? If your answer is yes to both the questions, then the doyen side table can be of great assistance.

This exquisitely crafted piece from mango wood is a delightful addition to any home. The best part is that this item is practical. The top area is useful for holding drinks, magazines, decor items, consoles and more.

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The area below that is split into two segments can be used to hold a lot many things. So, you are open to thinking from either décor point of view or storage. No matter which path you choose to tread on, space will look elevated with this furnishing.

Soiree Side Table

If you are have invited a few friends or family over for a small get together, things need to be stylish to spark the conversation and lead everyone to a good time. Some furniture items have the power to light up the conversation, and the soiree side decor table is that piece.

Another functional product from Ellementry offers storage at both the upper and lower sides. The tray on the top is removable. So it allows you to offer things around the house without moving the table.

There is a holder in the middle crafted to hold four stemmed glasses. The base is of mesh cane that is another highlight of this elegant wooden gear. You can use it to place wine bottles or any other drink that you are offering your guests.

Twine Wooden Bench (Blue)

A large number of homes have sofas, love seats, recliners and even signature chairs in their living room. These are the most commonly used furnishings, and the rules have been followed for a long time by almost everyone.

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However, it is time to bend those rules and add something more unique and fun to elevate the way space looks. If you aim to dare then add a twine wooden bench (blue) to your living area.

It works great as an additional seating space and gives your entertainment area a whole new charm. The wooden frame complete with jute work is a delight in every possible way. Little kids will particularly like using it as it is low and way more comfortable to sit on.

Cane Craft Side Table With Removable Trays

Another great item at the times of get together is a cane craft side table with removable trays. It can be used as a side table, and you can remove the trays to use it for serving purposes. When your guests will see this practicality, they are sure to talk about it at great lengths.

So, next time you are a furniture shopping for your living area, don’t forget to go through the furniture listing of The products you see here are too hard to find anywhere else.

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