Home is the most vital space for every individual. People work hard day and night so that they can own the roof over their heads. It also gives them the freedom to decorate their space in any way they deem fit.

Even if individuals do not own a house, they leave no stone unturned to make their living area more pleasant and welcome. For that, they go through several home decor magazines, blogs and keep an eye on the latest interior decoration trends to give the space a dreamy look.

However, most people stop in their endeavours because homeware that steals their hearts are expensive. Thus, they do not fit every pocket. Luckily, you can now say goodbye to that worry. Ellementry, an exclusive homeware brand, offers you the most exciting handmade pieces that are well within your budget.

When you shop with this brand, and your heart sets out for something, you do not have to think twice before buying it. The best part is that whatever decor item you buy, the product not only meets the eye. Its design achieves both form and function. The pieces further express love for the environment. Thus, making everything beautiful.

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If you are wondering what exquisite products we are talking about, then let us explore different categories and the amazing options that are available for you to bring home. 


  • Carbon Ceramic Jar – It is time to refresh the same old boring container with a carbon ceramic jar. It is perfect to store some snacking items and more. Its beautiful designs, and the fusion of ceramic and mango wood is perfect to elevate the look of your kitchen shelves.


  • Maze Ceramic Jar With Wooden Lid – If your dining table looks bare and in desperate need of some attention, then try placing a maze ceramic jar with a wooden lid in the centre. It is big enough to hold your pickles or nibbles. The ceramic material complemented by wood to give you something charming and unique. The product is priced at Rs. 750/- only.

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  • In Teak Wooden Cheese/Bread Board Asymmetric – Another item that is charming and deserves a place in your kitchen is this cutting board. The new-age design is ideal for millennial homes. The board is elegant and also sturdy enough to bear daily wear and tear. 
  • Oval Natural Terracotta Curd Setter – many people love to enjoy curd no matter what time of the year it is. The freshness of yoghurt adds to the flavour of the food. So if you are also among those people who enjoy this simple delicacy, then terracotta curd setter is a must for you.



  • Akoda Grey Ecomix Cutlery Stand – When setting the table for guests, you need to add some pieces that are practical to use and also gives your dining table an edge. Akoda grey ecomix cutlery stand is the right product for you. Made from eco-friendly material, it will make a great choice for dinner conversations as well. 

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