Buying a new home is a huge accomplishment. People dream of it since their early adulthood. The accomplishment of this dream deserves to be celebrated with loud music and the warm wishes of the loved one.

As exciting as moving into a new place may sound, it is equally tiring and tough. Even though you begin a new journey in your life, it is scary to think about how it is going to turn out for you.

But, it is worth every feeling. The emotion is unmatched. Show your admiration and pride towards your friends, relatives, or sibling as they buy their new place with Ellementry.

Our tradition asks us to never go barehanded to anybody’s place. You must have something little, something sweet with you. A housewarming party is no less than an auspicious occasion for the hosts.

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It is something they will cherish for a lifetime. Of course, in the moments like this, you can’t make an empty-handed entry. You must take along a small gift to mark their day. It could be anything. Fancy kitchenware for the lady of the house or an antique item that could decorate the house’s interiors.

Selecting an appropriate gift can be tricky when the hosts are your close friends or relatives. It involves a lot of thought as you can bring anything. A gift should be thoughtful and must reflect your love towards them. Of course, you have your blessings for them. But something tangible that may remind them of you would a perfect choice.

Here are some tips that may help you decide what item to go for:


Gifting green plants for the house is the best gift. They represent life in the environment and add positivity and cheerfulness around. They are meant to add a literal life to the new hood and might help in enhancing the overall look of the place and ambiance.

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Vase and pots are a perfect decor item that will remain in the new house for several years. Select the one that has a distinguishing feature and is uncommon. The market is full of pots that are of interesting shapes and design that serve their purpose of being a decorating piece very nicely.

Personalised gifts

These include all the articles that you will make with your own hands and heart. They demonstrate your true love for the new house owners. You can either bake cookies and fill a jar with them or make a card for them. Anything made by hand would be appreciated as it depicts the emotion that came straight from within.

Here are some items from Ellementry that you consider gifting at a housewarming party:

Savor mint eucalyptus natural soy wax filled a glass jar with 2 green teacups

What else do you want in a gift that will serve your loved ones not one but two purposes? The candle will fill the ambience with its natural fragrance. It is made of natural and non-toxic soy wax that doesn’t produce smoke or soot.

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The candle will prove the space a calm and bright atmosphere, illuminating their special festivity effortlessly. The two green teacups are perfect for their morning green tea session. The couple enjoys some leisure time while sipping steaming hot green tea in these cups.

Neve sage jar set of two

When the entire home is new, everything else has to new as well. Even the small jars in the kitchen. These neve sage jar set are perfect for gifting at any kind of celebration or festive event. The hand-painted ceramic jars with wooden lids are ideal for storing cookies, cereal, snacks, sugar & tea. It comes in a reusable engineered wood gift box.

Aria breakfast set

Wouldn’t it be perfect that every morning your gift will bring a wide smile to the hosts’ faces? This artistically designed aria breakfast set consists of a coffee mug with a lid, a cereal bowl, and a breakfast plate. The colour would uplift everybody’s morning mood on the breakfast table. The lid of the coffee mug can be used as a coaster too. The entire set is hand-painted by artisans.

All of these products by Ellementry are 100% eco-friendly and are made entirely by hands. The brand offers a wide variety of kitchenware, tableware and decor items that you can have your hands on only at

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