There are some things in life without which you cannot function. It can be as small as glasses to as big and special as your parents. Your life stands still without them. In the same way, if one is using the kitchen, he cannot process without linen.

Kitchen linens are aprons, or hand towels, or table runners. Working in the kitchen seems incomplete without them. They play a crucial role in the maintenance of the kitchen. Know where, how and what linen you can use in the kitchen with Ellementry.

The kitchen is that one place in the home that you cannot compromise with. It has to have everything from beautiful kitchenware to electrical appliances. But, usage of all these requires maintenance and cleanliness. Who do you think helps here? Yes, you thought of the right thing. It is the Kitchen linen.

The linen helps an individual for various purposes. You can use them to dry the dishes, to set the table, to save your clothes from spills and stubborn curry marks. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and patterns. Their vibrant colours add a lively spirit to the cookhouse. The best thing about them is that they are available at very pocket-friendly prices.

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You might have seen it at some restaurants that their tables are covered with cloth. It is because the cover makes the table look more welcoming. They keep their tables safe from all kinds of spills and scratches.

At home, you must have seen your mother setting up the table before everyone sits down for the meal. She puts a linen napkin, places a table runner on its place, keeps the plates over a cotton placement mat. These are some moments where linen performs its function best.

IF you are a baker, you must know the importance of a glove and a potholder. The bakeware gets extremely hot inside the microwave. To hold them without getting a burn, the oven mittens or the gloves help a lot.

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Here is some aesthetic looking kitchen linen from Ellementry to make you feel confident while functioning in the kitchen.

Mustard linen napkin set of 6

The colour of these napkins is enough to get you excited about sitting at the table for food. It has a delicate stitch of contrasting colour with the mustard base. The napkins will protect you and your favourite outfit from all types of spills and marks.

The mustard linen napkin set will make the table setting look more aesthetic and bright at the same time. There is a saying that when food is served beautifully, it tastes more delicious. You can use them daily or can bring them out for a festival or party meal. Guests will be impressed by your hospitality as not everyone has such a beautiful napkin set at home.

Tropical Paradise linen table runner

Gone are the days when you had to buy those large sized table covers made from synthetic non-ecological material. Bring home this tropical paradise linen table runner and take your table decor to another level.

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It will not only et the table right but will also make it look more stylish than before. The cloth material is durable and easy to care for. It will keep your table safe and new forever. The table runner is a perfect choice for meals and gatherings. On top of everything, the product is easy to wash. It is also a perfect gifting idea for friends who are moving into their new homes.

Aksa 100% cotton placement set of 6

These vibrant Aksa cotton mats not only embellish your table with an interesting pattern but keeps you away from the worries of spills and smudges on the table. Its colour is to die for. Make your home everyone’s favourite place, as with the right serveware and these cotton table mats, your table will be ready to welcome the guests at any time of the day.

Kitchen warrior apron

The cook in the house deserves to feel good and, most importantly safe. Gift your mothers this funky apron with a culinary design on it. It will keep her safe from water splashes, hot curry spills.  

All these products are of cotton, which is considered the best fabric for kitchen linen. It is durable and gets better after every wash.

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