When everybody’s house is full of antique lights and expensive decor items, you embellish your home with a hint of natural green. Sit back and let floras unleash their magic all around. Indoor plants and flowers add a lively character to a place. It will revitalize the whole surrounding as every corner will appear to be smiling.

Decorating the abode with natural greenery has numerous benefits. It adds a positive vibe to the place. The residents always feel healthy and full of energy. They ever purify the surrounding air. The benefits go beyond just aesthetics. Providing your favourite spot on the planet with a natural green tinge certainly has plenty of perks. Ellementry has some eye-pleasing options to grow and keep them safe.

Embellishing with climbers and indoor floras never go out of style. It is the most convenient and affordable idea to make your hood look aesthetically pleasing and peaceful. You can keep them anywhere and they will do their job effortlessly.

Adding the life of green to the living room is the easiest and inexpensive way to give it a complete makeover. There are several places where a planter pot will outshine other unique and pricy items. You can place a pot in the empty corner or the middle of the coffee table. Whether you will like to add flowers or plants, that decision is entirely up to your choice.

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The kitchen is yet another place where you display them quite conveniently. You can keep the vase on your countertop or near the sink. The dining area within the kitchen is in vogue. You can place one on the dining table as well. A Bonsai would be an absolute showstopper here. You can also casually place potted plants and creepers to add to the overall appeal of the open area.

You can transport from a mundane world to a setting that is relaxing and rejuvenating. Green plants and beautiful flowers in the bathroom will add colour and contrast to the site of neutral hues.

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The balcony is the most preferred place to exhibit the magic of nature. With creepers and climbers, the little corner of your house will light up very smoothly. You can hang the pots or fold the stems on the railing. Do it whichever way you like. Plants will never fail to amaze you.

Now, when they are doing so much for your abode, the least you can do for them is to place them into beautiful pots and vases. Take a look at what Ellementry has for you and your love for green.

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Vama vase-ecomix

Ecomix is an art form practised using eco-friendly materials like paper, glue and chalk powder. 

The vase will illuminate your corners with minimalism. It is a perfect Decor piece that will embrace your place with soothing colours and look. It is 100% sustainable. The ribbed pattern makes an exciting design that makes it look good even without any flowers inside.

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Midnight terracotta vase

This piece of art will make your indoor plants bloom with style. The exciting design will catch your attention from distance. You can place it on the cabinet or your study table. Every time you will look at it, you will feel relaxed and happy.

Aqua rustic ceramic vase

This handsome looking pot is perfect for the kitchens. Place it on your workstation or near the water sink. Your place will speak of elegance in every way. It is handcrafted from ceramic which is a sustainable material and does not harm nature in any way. The colour palette is calm and cool to give your place a relaxing and peaceful vibe.

Little frondescence in the house boosts everybody’s mood and creativity. Along with purifying the air, green plants absorbs harmful gases that release from electronic gadgets. Spider plant, Areca palms, Aloe Vera, Snake plant, to name a few, are some of the most preferred indoor plants.

There are many. You can keep them at the place where you can’t think of anything creative to install. It doesn’t matter where you put them. They will liven up space in an instant and make any design and decor feel complete.

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