Believe it or not, but the most comfortable, hygienic and attractive surface in the kitchen is a wooden chopping boardAsk a chef about the level of discomfort in the absence of it.

You might have a pleasant set of knives, but it is incomplete without a trusty partner- the cutting board. Have a nice looking base to cut all your vegetable and fruits. Ellementry will give you some beautiful option to have one at your place. It is vital to own a piece as it keeps your set of blades safe from going dull too soon.

A safer choice

A wooden plank is best to have in your cookhouse. There is a practical reason behind it. Wood absorbs residual food-borne bacteria after manual cleaning with hot water. It holds the bacteria inside where every chance of doubling is eliminated and prevents them from coming out.

An affordable sustainable option

Buying one for your daily household chores will make more sense from a financial and environmental standpoint. One made from eco-friendly material will last for decades and serve its purpose conveniently. They require minimum handling care. Treat them kindly and wash them with hot soapy water after usage. One best way to disinfect your piece is to put it in a microwave for 5 minutes. It will kill all the germs.

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No maintenance cost

No fancy maintenance is required for your bamboo made plank. There are some pointers to keep it in a healthy condition. Wash them daily with mild warm water. Damp it with a cotton cloth, and it is ready for use once again. Make sure to dry them immediately-don’t let them soak in water. To maintain its new glow, oil it once or twice a week.

Adds to your kitchen style

Not only this product is functional, but it is aesthetically pleasing as well. It revives culture, natural warmth, and beauty to any place. There are so many eye-pleasing designs available in the market today. You can hand them, keep them on your countertop. Wherever it will be, it will shine like none.

Enhances your chopping skill

You might be aware of the fun of dicing celery on the chopping board for the kitchen. The satisfaction you get when you see finely cubed pieces of veggies is beyond description. It provides a suitable platform for beginners. They can practice their hand on knives safely on it.

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Here is an attractive range of boards for you.

Wooden chopping board round lrg brown

It is to give a break to the mess created while slicing the ingredients. It is to meet all your chopping needs. It has a handle to provide the user with a firm grip and hold while splitting a hard veggie like corn into two parts. It will complement all kinds of interior decorThe slat is of mango wood which is considered pure in Indian culture. The article is perfect for those who like to keep it low-key yet elegant.

Chop and crushing cutting board with mortar

It will cater for your double needs. Along with mincing, it will also crush all the necessary spices and herbs for your special dish. It comes with a cute and easy-to-handle mortar. This is a must-have for the cook who multi-tasks while cooking. Our Indian cuisine is full of flavour and spices. Give your recipe everything it wants by cutting and crushing on this piece of art. It is 100 eco-friendly and safe for your food items.

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In teak wooden cheese\bread board rectangle

One look and you will want it for yourself. The handcrafted board’s exciting shape will attract your attention from distance. It is meant for slicing your bread and cheese. You can put it on your dining table. Its physical appearance makes it a perfect decor piece for the kitchen. Place it on your breakfast table, and people will come for it uninvitingly.

Along with cleaving plant-based edible, a cutting board is best for hashing meat. It keeps the timber base as well as the counter tidy and hygienic. Remember, it is not only your hands that need cleaning. To prevent food poisoning, rinse your boards after and before food preparation.

Use two boards. One strictly for animal-based products and another for healthy organic edibles. Discard old ones that have cracks, crevices and excessive scares. It becomes home to several harmful bacteria and germs. Have a look at one of your choices on

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