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A table knife is one of the essential cutlery items, used to cut the food and push it. It is used for cutting only cooked food; therefore, it does not have sharp edges. Our handcrafted metal knives fit any occasion and are even perfect for your every day. Pair them with complementary forks and spoons to get an excellent dinner setting. These metal knives fit as perfectly in alfresco meals as they do in sundowner feasts. In a formal dining setting, dinner knife positioned on the plate’s right-hand side, and the knife should always be placed in such a way that the blade of the knife faces the plate. To add a blend of classy and modern touch to your table, pair these with gold metal spoons and forks. Our knives are easy to maintain. Just wash and dry it immediately after using it. The shine is just the cutlery saying thanks. Explore a wide range of design compositions and buy metal knives online at ellementry.com.The shine of the online table knives from here will remain for long with this simple care. Browse through a wide variety of metal knives available in many design outlooks at ellementry.com.  

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