A good diet is not only fuel for our bodies but also our souls. There are about seven types of meals like breakfast, brunch, elevenses, evening snack and supper, to name a few.

natural wood chopping board

Cooking is said to make love visible in delectable meals – be it fish in the fish platter or any other vegetarian platter food like green salad and mixed vegetable curry. A recipe has no soul unless a good cook brings it to life through cooking. It is a fact, that healthy and fine cooking requires balancing a flair for cooking, skills and techniques used for preparing a delightful meal.

Each type of meal full or otherwise – trace back their roots to cooking that starts with chopping constituents to the recipe. Be it slicing, dicing or cubing the items such as fruits, vegetables and meat, a chopping board set is vital to your kitchen.

It is generally proven, for a healthy yet delicious meal – we should choose the best quality kitchenware items such as cutlery and crockery, a knife set and a chopping board. Now, before we dive deep into handpicking the ingredients to make food tasty and healthy, we have to find the right set of kitchenware items.

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While purchasing cutting boards, we look for chopping board online and offline at retail centres. We factor in different aspects such as lifestyle choices, food choices, innovation factor and food safety. The type of meal that we cook has a major bearing on the type of chopping board or cutting board used.

We sometimes use only knives when chopping the mix of colourful vegetables and other times – we use a chopping board for vegetables to prepare a delicious mixed-vegetable article. Similarly, cooking a delicious turkey may need a butcher block cutting board. 

Cutting boards say a lot about their buyers. From the culture of heirloom butcher’s blocks to the practicality of lightweight contemporary designs, it feels like this essential kitchen tool is a powerful form of expression in its virtue.

This post collects cutting boards for every type of cooking enthusiast and professional chef alike – including bamboo, solid wood, plastic, composite, marble, and more, in every form and dimension. Ellementry provides a one-stop solution to all cooking activities by providing a range of options to choose from serveware and kitchenware items.

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Most of the chefs and expert cooks would agree that when it comes to choosing a chopping board for the kitchen, they ponder upon chopping board uses – and the fact remains, the more – the merrier. Chopping boards, specific to different purposes should be at your disposal.

It may be a good idea to use separate chopping boards and plates for meat, poultry, seafood, and eggs. You can use one cutting board for fresh produce and another for raw meat, poultry, or seafood. You may also want to replace them when they have been in use for a long time.

Ellementry provides different cutting boards, chopping boards and butcher boards. The products vary in terms of materials used, innovation factor and purpose of use. You can buy one or more boards depending on the health choices and meals to be prepared.

Chopncheese acacia wood chopping board

Chopncheese acacia wood chopping board may be utilised for heavy-duty chopping as well as just everyday chopping. It is a multipurpose board and is designed to meet all your cutting needs in the kitchen, and it also works as a platter to serve nibbles and snacks.

Wooden chopping board round lrg brown

The wooden board set is a natural brown butcher board, designed to meet all your shopping needs.

  • Twiggy chopping board highlights the fusion of ingredients used in making the kitchenware. This marble kitchenware item is a perfect amalgamation of wood and marble. They tend to add to the aesthetic values of the kitchen.

Chop & Crush cutting board with mortar

Chopping and crushing are vital to the cooking activity. With Chop & Crush Cutting Board with Mortar, you can peel the garlic or chop the food items and then make them into a paste with this handy mortar provided in marble. It is a must-have for your kitchen.

The choice of right chopping boards depends on the lifestyle choices and health choices of the household. These boards are more of a sine qua non (indispensable) for every healthy kitchen, no matter what meal are you preparing for the Thanksgiving dinner or your usual confluences with friends.

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