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in teak wooden cheese/bread board asymmetric
Natural Wood Butcher Board
Natural Wood Butcher Board (Square)
in teak wooden cheese/bread board oval

Chopping doesn't need to be treated like a chore. It is one of the few mindless activities that only use caution from our brains. The rest of it is ours to keep empty. Or to have some quiet, me-time. After all, they say that mindless activities sometimes solve more significant problems and riddles of our lives. And chopping vegetables is also a daily task that has seen some of the warmest memories of our lives. Conversations that went on as long as the amount of ladyfinger in the bag. Final run television shows of the day, straight after dinner, as your mother sat next to you preparing for the next morning's tiffin.There's a lot that goes behind just chopping. So an activity that's such a subtle difference maker in our lives needs a stage that's timeless. Meet our butcher boards. They're crafted with wood, which gives them a timeless appeal. From heavy-duty chopping to something breezy, our chopping boards can endure it all. And while they're not quick to take scratches, they take impressions over time. But that's just wood ageing gracefully. And they come in various shapes. You may choose a round butcher board or a rectangular butcher board, depending on your style. Buy wooden butcher boards online at ellementry.com and make way for kitchen heirlooms that become hand-me-downs from one generation to the next.

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