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Your love for your family is seen in the kind of products you use in your everyday chores. Undoubtedly, you want to use the best of everything for their health and well being, whether that means the highest quality food or supreme healthcare. 

When looking into the products for your loved ones, it is crucial to consider all the effects that articles would have on them. Sometimes you, unintentionally, buy something which you heard is good for the body. 

On the contrary, its sneaky and harmful ingredient affects an individual’s fitness negatively. Ellementry pledges through its handcrafted and 100% sustainable kitchenware to keep your kitchen safe and sound for everyone. 

Terracotta Home and Kitchen Items


What are Green products?

The term simply categorises those components that lay no harmful effect on the environment. Although many brands promise and claim their final product to be eco-friendly, there are chances that they might misconstrue their information, leaving your consumer ability confused. 

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This is the reason that sometimes you end up buying such pieces. Certain parameters will help you to identify which is right for nature and which is not: 

    • Energy star: for electronic appliances, always check how much energy they will consume in a day. 
    • Green seal: look for them in cleaning products 
    • ECO mark: check if your eatables have this seal on them. 

If you do not see these logos anywhere on the packaging, there is a good chance that they are not nature-friendly. Ensure whatever you select are not dangerous for both you and mother earth. 

There are numerous reasons as to why one must switch to a green lifestyle. Organic may seem to be a little expensive, but looking from the long-term benefits angle, they are quite an investment towards better living. They will last longer, and your investment will pay off. 

There was a time when none of the things around us needed to have a label on them because they were all made from natural substances. Today with all the toxic chemicals found in almost everything, it is near to impossible to save ourselves from them. 

Let every corner of your house speak of sustainability on its own. Have a look at the wide range of artistic creations in the form of kitchenware collection and decor. Your interior will shine with an elegant minimalistic appearance of all. Here are some handcrafted earth-loving products specially lined for you and your heavenly abode. 

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Vama Vase- ecomix

Leave no corner empty and give each of them a look of class with these vases. They are put together from ecomix material. It is an art form which uses material like paper, glue and chalk powder.Vases for greener life

The pot not only upscales your interior decor status but also provide no harm to the environment. The pattern is an exciting design. Even without flowers, it will be a perfect decor item. The articles are also an ideal gifting idea for friends who have just bought their new space. 

Akoda storage box with wooden lid

Fill it with nuts or tiny knick-knacks, and place it in the middle of the table. Let everyone notice that your lifestyle is unique and environmentally friendly. This piece aims to decorate your every day. 

It has an aesthetically pleasing look which is because of its distinguished pattern. You can even use it to keep safe your jewellery. The lid will keep everything in it safe and fresh. 

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Sienna terracotta baking dish

The kitchen plays a substantial role in forming a healthy way of life as the food we consume have a massive impact on our overall body’s soundness. Along with the dish, the vessel with use makes a huge difference. Ensure they are from ecologically sound materials.

sienna terracotta baking dish


This bakeware made from terracotta will serve you a well-baked dish in no time. It is entirely oven friendly and easy to use. The material used in this cooking pot distributes the heat evenly and keeps all the nutrients present in the veggies and spices intact in the recipe. 

Other than using components made from nature-loving matter, there are some habits that you can adapt and practice daily. Every time you go out shopping, carry your jute or cotton bag to store stuff. Use energy-saving lighting in your house. Save water. Any habit that will avoid damage to the environment is a good thing.

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