Be it a household full of working people or just one with a sole breadwinner, almost every family waits for – Sunday.

So, what’s the fuss about Sundays anyway? Apart from being an off-day, Sunday is full of warmth, not only because it gives you a chance to bask in the glory of the morning Sun but to savour the delicacies that you had been craving to have all week long.

Sunday is a special day apart from that – it is also a feeling. Almost synonymous with fun and well-deserved holidays for some, Sundays are a harbinger of a new and exciting week for others. Weekends are the time when we re-channel our energies to ourselves and rejuvenate by being around family and family-like friends.

While some of us might want to stay indoors and sift through different OTT platforms to watch and re-watch our favourite sitcoms while others take the high road outside. They want to enjoy everything that only a Sunday morning can offer.

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A Sunday brunch with family or friends and even both can be a rewarding plan for the day if the set-up has been done carefully with the right food, table and tableware items.

Also, the menu of the food has to be decided way before the day. Some of us are early risers, while others tend to become lazy on Sundays and get up, almost past their usual breakfast times. Here is where the blended concept of Brunch comes in.

A brunch is supposed to be an amalgamation of food items that you can have between morning and noon, ideally between 10 AM and 2 PM. The food items included in a brunch, ranging from a simple coffee and sandwich to something fuller – bacon and eggs.

Those who would like to embrace a tasty, sumptuous Sunday brunch – can cherry-pick ideas from the reliable, eco-friendly, food-safe products portal, Ellementry. The portal is a one-stop solution to healthy living. It also provides you with a range of options to choose from when taking the most out of the Sunday brunch, full of respite.

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The portal provides a range of options of kitchenware, serveware and glassware items. The Ellementry terracotta roti boxes with wooden lid are suitable to hold loaves of bread, naans and parathas. Additionally, glassware like Olio Glass Bowl may fit the bill to hold raw fruits. It can also be used as a nut bowl to hold roasted seeds and nuts.

Onyx mango wood basket

The box gives an ascent to your accommodation system with the handcrafted mango wood basket which is also eco-friendly. This basket is also food safe as per universal measures. The stunning matt black finish makes this a centrepiece for your fruit display or to keep the knick-knacks.

Fleur d’or wooden salad bowl

The ‘Fleur D’or’ Wooden Salad Bowl comes with hand-painted flowers on wood, making it ideal for serving fresh salad. Your Sunday salad can find its rightful place in this beautiful flowery salad bowl. 

Stitch sense mango wood platter small

The small serveware may be used as a wooden serving platter. The board serves to be your best preference. Give your modern foods a conventional touch with this hand-carved round plate crafted with mango wood. 

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Now, we have enlisted some basic serveware for the Sunday brunch. In an outdoor set-up, you may not want to carry a thick-wood table however there is one material that is natural and light. When customized in the right way, it may also be used as a multi-purpose table to hold things like your beverages and your favourite magazines.

The Ellementry cane craft side table with removable trays is one of these tables where you can hold several items in the removable trays. Well, if you do not like too many layers, you can remove the trays and just use the surface to hold your meals.

A perfect cloud-free, mist-free Sunday with eco-friendly, food-safe serveware and kitchenware could be just right for your perfect Sunday Brunch gathering. If you are doing it in your backyard or lawn it is even better so you do not have to pack everything and go out.

Additionally, if you would like the venue to be a beach or public park – you might want to pack it carefully before keeping it in your vehicle. With everything in its place, it is going to be a Sun’Yay’!

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