How much thought do you give to your table’s setting? Not much isn’t! Well, to your information, the way your dining looks decides the mood for the meal. Not just the eating desk, the decor of your overall kitchen is of higher importance.

It conveys a message of your lifestyle to the visitors. Your eating counter must look pleasing and should invite guest by themselves. There are a plethora of items that you can have to give it a makeover. But, the setting is not a head-scratching task.

The minimum but right choice will help you attain that in no time. Ellementry has many exquisite decor products that could help you make a statement among all effortlessly.

5 easy steps practising of which will embody your imagination.


You cannot put anything to everything on it. There has to be a reason behind each element. It should complement the overall interior and must be efficient enough to uplift the vibe solely. Look for some inspiration.

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Figure out what will go with your house and what will not. See what is in trend in the market. It would not take much of your time. Keep in mind whichever design you pick, all should be achievable.


Go with a theme. That way, it will be easier for you or else the chances of chaos is higher. You can have multiple themes of your choice. Some for regular days, and a few for special festivities. It will be better to go in a planned manner. It will save your energy and efforts.


Market today, is full of which offers a collection of handcrafted, environment-friendly table accessories along with fancy kitchenware, cookware and other products. Set a limit on your spending.

Decorating a surface is not rocket science. You don’t need hard work. All you need is just some hard work. You can buy some decorating articles from Ellementry, which are of superior quality and affordable prices.

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Less is more

Do not make the mistake of placing everything you bought on once. Keep it simple yet elegant. See what is the purpose of the meal? Are some special guests are coming over? it is best to keep it sober. If you put all on it, then it will be a mess. Not a beautiful one, for sure.


Accessories for the table include mats, coasters, table runners, napkins. Along with your serverwares, your accessories must complement each other. You cannot go for two contrasting articles at the same time. It will ruin the entire impression. If not of the same colour, make sure hues do not belong to a clashing group. If you are going for a light, keep everything in cool colours.

Here are some suggestions for you to make your hunt for table decor items easier.

Elevating blue table runner

Dress your dining table with this beautiful piece of cloth. It will be the foundation of everything that you have planned. The runner will protect the base from all kinds of spill, scratches, and burns, which are pretty predictable from hot tableware utensils and sharp objects. The fabric is a thick and durable material that will only get stronger after every wash. It is the easiest way to raise the overall appearance of the meal.

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Gold glass bowl- small

Put in the middle, and the job is done. Its physical appearance is enough to do wonders for you. The bowl is suitable to store fresh fruits, snacks or other preparations for a feast. It will perform all the function of furnishing and decoration of the table alone. The Gold will add a feeling of luxury to the overall place.

White marble condiment set with brass lid

This condiment set is a must-have for every household. You can keep mint in one and sweet candy in another. The perfect combination of brass and marble adds to its charm and shine. It will go with all kinds of colours and theme. It will set very well with your needs and desires.

Mustard 100% cotton napkin set of 6

The colour is enough to make you bring it to your home. It is like bringing some sunshine to the table. The napkin will give a vibrant and energetic character to your decor. The cotton makes it more desirable.

The table setting is as easy as anything. You only need to make informed decisions. Visit and have everything you want.

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