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Summers are a great time to enjoy some time outdoors. Most people would indeed like to be in an air-conditioned room, but you will need to step out. If you have a garden that is spacious enough, you can utilize the space in many ways. 

When you will be outdoors, kids will follow suit. If you like to host parties or invite family and friends over, why not entertain them in an open-air arena. This change will fill the guests with unknown delight. Not to forget, you can capture some amazing pictures in natural light. 

So, if you are planning such an evening, Ellementry is here to help you out. The brand has some incredible tips that bring rustic charm and modern products together to create an atmosphere that is no less than a fable. 

rustic reef ceramic crockery


The times that we are currently seeing are uncertain and have filled people with dread. To lighten the mood, one thinks of spending some quality time with family and friends. However, there is no restaurant that you can go to. 

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The best that could be done is to invite a few people home and have a memorable time. Setting up a table in the garden will bring back a lot of reminiscences of the good old days that you took pleasure in as a child. 

The juicy fresh fruits, delicious homemade drinks, and dessert days can be re-lived again. Food is essential, but so are the tabletop items. Ellementry has some perfect suggestions that are too good to resist. 

Mood Lighting with Candles

If you are setting the table for an evening party or dinner celebrations, set the right mood with the use of candles. There are so many varieties available in this segment that you can make most of.


Mood Lighting with Candles


You can use wax-filled jars, wax-filled bowls, and a wax-filled votive to make the counter look more enticing. If you are interested in using the conventional options, take their appearance a notch higher with t-light holders and candle stand. 

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Place them in the centre of the table and light them just before the guests arrive. The area will start dazzling in the majestic glory of candle lights.  

A Little More Greenery with Pots

If your garden doesn’t have many plants and shrubs, you must decorate the table with planter pots. However, if you are setting the table amidst lush greenery, you might see this tip as unnecessary. 

But when everyone is sitting around the dinner table, chatting and laughing, they will not realize how beautiful their surroundings are. The focus will be on the things in front of them. So, when you place some planter pots with beautiful flowers and plants in them, it makes space look more wonderful. 

A floral arrangement is also something that you can aim at to impress the attendees. You can place twigs in the pots and place candies or marshmallows on top of it. This idea will impress kids and adults alike. 

Flower Vase


Seasonal Fruits on Platter

Now, it’s time to showcase your stunning serveware items. As summer brings along a variety of fresh fruits, cut them nicely and place them on the platters. Mangoes, strawberries, watermelons, muskmelons, grapes, and papayas should be on the table to give a gorgeous hue. 

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Utilize this time and take out those stunning plates, salad spoon, bowl, cloche, and more. There are strong chances that people will speak about your tableware more than the delicacies served on it. 

Chill the Drinks with Ice Buckets 

As you are inviting friends and family over for a summer treat, chilled drinks are a must. When you are decorating the entire table tastefully, you will need an ice bucket to complete the look. 

Choose terracotta or wood for this purpose as they will complement the surroundings and even the interiors when used indoors. If you are in the mood to make cocktails, you will need a shaker for this purpose. 

Entertaining guests, even in a pandemic, isn’t a daunting task. All you need is a delightfully pleasing setting, a handful of close family and friends, social distancing and love. 

With the best items to place, your small party will become an event to remember. So don’t wait and get the best products for your gorgeous home from There is no need to venture out, and your selected items will safely reach your heavenly abode in no time at all. 

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