Have you ever given a thought about a spoon? You use it every day, yet it is taken for granted. How about discussing what role it plays in your meal. While everyone is aware of its several types, not many know the importance and difference among each. One can’t use any spoon. A specific spoon is designed for all sorts of items. Having food from a spoon helps a person in several ways. Do you know the type and design of spoon hold power to manipulate table’s your mood for a meal? If no, then find out using beautiful spoons by Ellementry.

brass tea spoon set of 4

As per our culture, we Indians have a habit of eating food by hand. The food is supposed to taste even better when eaten by hand. It is true as well. But another prevalent fact is the table manners which imply the importance of using a spoon while having anything on the dining table. They form etiquettes that nowadays play a crucial role in shaping one’s personality.

Two forms of cutlery are used the most, a teaspoon and a dessert spoon. Their names are enough to suggest what role they play. A teaspoon is a small-sized spoon. It is mainly used for adding ingredients or to stir the beverage. A dessert spoon, also known as the oval spoon, is used for savouring delicious desserts. People often get confused between the two. The two spoons may look identical to some extent but are different from one another.

Here are some common differences between a teaspoon and a dessert spoon:

  • A dessertspoon is a bit larger than a teaspoon and smaller than a tablespoon. It is used for eating dessert. A teaspoon is used for mixing the content of a cup or glass.
  • A dessert spoon is equivalent to 2 teaspoons, whereas a teaspoon’s unit of measure is worth one-third of a tablespoon.
  • Their shape and design vary extensively.
  • They are kept in different positions and at different times on the table. A teaspoon is served in the beginning, while a dessert spoon serves its purpose in the end.

Their shape, size, design may have differences. But for a novice, it will all appear the same. The difference might not be visible, but regular usage of both the spoons can help a person know how they differ in use and look.

Talking about cutleries, it is hard to keep the topic of table arrangement aside. You must know that each serveware, including spoons, have a designated spot on the table. One cannot put anything as per their will. There is a proper way of putting everything together in an eye-pleasing manner. 

Bring home these alluring pieces of art in the form of spoons by Ellementry and give your table arrangement a sustainable and elegant makeover.

Masai teaspoon set of 6

tea spoon set
Masai tea spoon set of 6

It is never wrong to decorate your table a little extra for a special occasion. Of course, extra special meals call for distinct teaspoons. These Masai teaspoons will go perfectly well for a special occasion. These will light up your table décor along with wax filled votives. It is not every day you feel like having your meal in style. The spoon set is made from brass which is famous for its antibacterial properties. It means the spoons are 100% safe for edible items. The spoons are perfect for scooping sugar, coffee into your cup. Their gold, matte finish will bring a festive gleam to the table

Celestial brass teaspoon set of 4

brass tea spoon set of 4
Celestial brass tea spoon set of 4

Have you ever been to a fancy restaurant? Their cutleries are to die for. Not only do you appreciate their hospitality, but their tableware also makes you feel special and rich in its way. The celestial brass teaspoons by Ellementry add a royal element to the table. You can enjoy your meal just the way royalties do.

Sophiya dessert spoon set of 4

brass spoons
Sophiya dessert spoon set of 4

The majority of people eagerly wait for their dessert to be served. The Sophia dessert spoons will add to the excitement. Cut smaller pieces of your sweet dishes and enjoy every bite using these artistic spoons by Ellementry.

Masai gold dessert spoon set of 4

masai dessert spoon set of 4
Masai dessert spoon set of 4

Do you also find it hard to cut ice cream from the bowl using a round spoon? These spoons are here to solve your struggle. Their slightly flat top will help you cut a decent piece effortlessly. The long handle will give you a firm grip.

Now that you know the difference between a teaspoon and a dessert spoon, go ahead and make the right choice when you shop for either from ellementry.com.

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