There is a famous saying. It says “ Strength lies in differences, and not in similarities.” India is one country that perfectly embodies the quote. It is known for its diverse culture and rich heritage. Even today centuries-old traditions stay alive in people’s hearts. They still hold the same importance as they did several centuries ago. People from foreign land found Indian culture fascinating. It is no surprise. Every corner in the country has its own culture, language, clothing, traditions, beliefs, music, dance, architecture and whatnot. Beautiful is what is defined by this breathtaking country. Cherish your heritage and colourful culture with Ellementry.

The Power Of Culture

Time changes everything. The statement is 100% true. Take your example. Are you the same person as you were a few years ago? No, right! It is called evolution. You evolve with time. One thing that remains with you is your values. You stick to your roots. You might spend decades in a foreign land, but a piece of you always stick to your motherland. Indian history is several millennia old, with numerous exchanges of ideas with the outside world. Indians may have adopted a modern lifestyle inspired by the west, but one never loses hold of his roots. In India, culture and traditions play a pivotal role in developing a person and society.

The Joy Of Festivals

Festivals of India are strange to none. They are cherished and enjoyed by all everywhere. These festivals are diverse due to multi-religious and multi-cultural Indian society. They bring immense joy and happiness with them, that life appears to be a festival in itself. It is obvious, isn’t it! Each festival holds the power to keep the Indians together in the mould of enjoyment.

Culture & Happiness

Happiness is a vague concept. It doesn’t have any definite definition. The term means differently for different people. But one thing is the same in all. Everyone in the world wants genuine and constant happiness in life. Happiness today is measured by the amount of money and success one has achieved. But, in real happiness is something that can’t be measured. It comes from within. The feeling comes when one is closed to his loved ones. It is when one is close to his nation and culture. That gives a sense of absolute contentment.

Ellementry, by its beautiful cookware products, is determined to keep the spirit of values and culture alive in people. Each of their products is made by hand by artisans. These products are sustainable and unique. Here are some products for you to bring the charming amalgamation of modernity with a traditional home.

Sienna terracotta baking dish

baking dish
sienna terracotta baking dish

Lately, a lot of people have become obsessed with baking. It has become their new passion. This sienna terracotta baking dish is perfect for such people. It is the ideal gifting idea for friends who love to bake pasta. The terracotta allows the heat to spread throughout the surface evenly, allowing the dish to cook from all the sides perfectly. The terracotta dish is easy to wash and handle.

Erebus marble mortar & pestle- small

erebus marble mortar & pestle

Mortar and pestle are present in almost every household. It is one of the important tools of the kitchen and is used for several decades now. This white marble mortar and pestle is the modern tough to the traditional tool. It will go perfectly with all kinds of kitchens. Crush, crack open herbs, spices or anything else, it will serve its purpose effortlessly.

Terracotta curd setter with wooden lid- natural

curd setter
Terracotta curd setter with wooden lid


Indians are experts when it comes to making milk-based products at home, especially curd. In north India, the curd is made in almost every home. To carry on the tradition, Ellementry has introduced this terracotta curd setter with a wooden lid. It is the perfect breeding ground for the bacteria that are necessary to make soft, creamy curd. The product’s surface is alkaline, porous and natural. It will soak the excess water. All you get is the wholesome and thick curd in the end.

White marble chakla belan with stand

white marble chakla belan with stand

Even though technology has come up with automatic gadgets for making round chapattis, but Indians like to make them using chakla belan only. This marbled rolling pin and board will perform its function efficiently. Make your grandmas proud and roll some round and thin chapattis.

Each product by Ellementry intends to revive the culture in everyone. Have a look at more only at

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