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Mortar & Pestle

Even without lengthy technical explanations that made cold-pressed sound fashionable, tradition taught us to get our spices correctly. Our mortar and pestle set is a tribute to the tradition and a remembrance of those carefree mornings.

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Erebus Marble Mortar & Pestle
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white marble mortar & pestle- small
Swirl & Grind mortar & pestle
white marble mortar & pestle

Mortar & Pestle

The marble mortar and pestle set is ideal for crushing and blending spices, roots, and herbs. It reintroduces cold-press into our contemporary life by removing it from the fad journal. The little mortar and pestle are ideal for fresh and simple spice doses on a daily basis. Mortar and pestle can be purchased online at ellementry.com. We rethink and remodel tradition to fit into your daily life.

Why you should have mortar and pestle in your kitchen

Our kitchen is brimming with modest products that have a significant part in cooking. Examples include a hardwood board with rolling pin, tongs, and ladles/spatulas. There is one additional item whose use and importance to the entire cooking process is overlooked. That is a pestle and mortar. It is the most basic instrument in our culinary arsenal. While we now have an electronic blender and mixer, the flavours obtained by crushing herbs and spices in a mortar and pestle are incomparable. Ellementry has a few options for you to consider if you're considering purchasing one for your kitchen.

The primary incentive to get one for yourself is that it retains the true taste and flavour of the components. Modern tools only cut the spices and other herbs, whereas a mortar and pestle crush them and unleash the flavour contained within their membranes. Smashed objects are significantly more effective than sliced objects. Ginger, garlic, curry pastes, almonds, citrus peel, and lemon all taste better when smashed in a pestle and mortar.

The key to creating finger-licking Indian cuisine dishes is to use spices with the proper texture. They are combined and cooked in the oil for an extended period of time. When you press the button on your gadget, it rotates at such a high rate that it becomes exceedingly thin at times and remains rigid and thick at others. The advantage of using a mortar and pestle is that consistency is maintained.

The most obvious reason for bringing a mortar and pestle to your residence is to save money. Along with obtaining the natural flavours of the spices and herbs, you also save money.

Additionally, it can be used to produce pesto. The tastiest, creamiest pesto is made with a mortar and pestle. Combine all ingredients and continue spinning the pestle in one direction until the required consistency is achieved.

Here are Ellementry's stunning, handcrafted, and environmentally friendly mortar and pestle.

  • Small white marble mortar and pestle: How lovely would it be to get kitchenware that, in addition to providing its intended purpose, also contributes to the interior design of the kitchen? This white marble mortar and pestle will look stunning on your countertop. Crush and combine the herbs, spices, and roots easily. Its use will transport you back to a time when utilising only natural ingredients was considered somewhat mandatory in the kitchen. You will have a sense of connection to your ancestors. It is not harmful to your food item. Do not be concerned about cleaning it. Cleaning is a breeze with this stuff.
  • Mortar and pestle in white marble: This one is ideal for guacamole and pesto making. Due to its design, it has a significant amount of depth, which facilitates the crushing and mixing processes. It enables you to do so without spilling or creating a mess. Naturally, you may use it for more conventional purposes as well. The form is ideal for all purposes. Each ingredient's veining and colouration are distinct due to marble's intrinsic nature.
  • Erebus Mortar and pestle marble: This one is unique in comparison to what you often see on the market. The shape and design are pretty remarkable. This one can be used to crush rock salt or rock candies. It is perfect for combining masala powder and salt. 


One of the first cooking implements is deserving of notice. This bowl-shaped jar has a greater purpose and accomplishes more than you realise. It can be used for a variety of applications. Elleemntry.com has the required one.

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