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white marble mortar & pestle- small
white marble mortar & pestle

Perhaps the fondest memory of our childhood is having homely sounds as our alarm bells. Sometimes annoyed, sometimes delighted, we all remember waking up to the music being put on the television or the radio. From 'Abhi naa jao chod kar' to 'Kuch kuch hota hai' the melodies from our childhood are overlayed with sounds of the kitchen; the cooker whistle going off, the rhythmic beating of the mortar and pestle as our mothers' crushed spices fresh for lunch. Just like how the songs played at home kept our playlists more interesting than pop-rock tracks, this was an age where cold-pressed wasn't a fad, it was customary. Tradition taught us to get our spices right even without lengthy scientific explanations that made cold-pressed sound hip. Our mortar and pestle set are an ode to that tradition and a throwback to those happy, lazy mornings.  The marble mortar and pestle crushes and blends spices, roots and herbs easily. It takes cold-press out of the fad journal and brings it back into our contemporary lives.  The small mortar and pestle are compact and perfect for fresh and homly everyday doses of spices. Buy mortar and pestle online at ellementry.com. We reimagine tradition and reshape it to fit it into your every day.

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Erebus Marble Mortar & Pestle 2190
white marble mortar & pestle- large 1890
white marble mortar & pestle- small 1890
white marble mortar & pestle 1690

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white marble mortar & pestle 1690
white marble mortar & pestle- small 1890
Erebus Marble Mortar & Pestle 2190

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