Homemakers love to keep their kitchen straight, have the best decoration items in their home and keep an eye on everything that can make or break the look of the interiors. When you are taking so many precautions and selecting only the best for your abode, why not focus on the dinner table as well?

After all, this is the space where you entertain. The entire family or friends come together in this area to enjoy a hearty meal accompanied by good humour, love and fondness. The dining space must be intricately set so that it adds to the overall mood. Ellementry understands very well the modern needs.

The brand offers the best dining table items, which can help you achieve any look you wish to create. The myriad of varieties suits different requirements well, so you will not have to compromise at any point. 

However, if you are still wondering what exactly is the right way to set a dining table, then the listed below steps will educate and guide you. 

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Set the Base with Table Runner

Whether you are setting the dinner space for family or guests, a table runner is a must. Before any crockery item sits on the table for the guests, make sure it has a soft and firm base. It will benefit you in two ways.

Firstly, it will ensure that your dinnerware has a foundation to sit on. Secondly, a beautiful runner will make the entire setting look gorgeous. Fabrics are also known for absorbing noise. The clicking of the cutlery and crockery will not be too loud. You can hear the conversation and laughter, and that is what matters. 

Place Cutlery & Crockery Artistically

The next step that you have to follow is placing the dinnerware items. Many people are under the impression that they only have to place plates, spoons, forks, glasses and they are done! Sadly, this is not how it should be done.

Firstly, you set the dinner plates and on top of that an accent plate and then the dessert plate. If you are serving salad, then place a salad plate right on top of the dinner plate. Glass bowl will be the last addition, and cutlery will go on the sides. This assembling will win you a lot of appreciation and applaud from the visitors.

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Decor Pieces for The Centre

If the table centre is looking incomplete after placing the crockery, then it is because of the lack of centrepieces or decor items. They are essential to establish a sense of harmony and beauty. You can place a vase, t-light holders or sculptures to make the area looking more inviting.

Fresh flowers or candles usually are the ones that create true magic. The area becomes warmer, allowing conversations to flow seamlessly. You can also opt for mismatch options or show your creative side with something more stylish. Whatever you choose, make sure it goes with the occasion. If you can’t decide on a particular decor item, go with candles or flowers. They are always a saviour. 

Set Cloth Napkin For Each Guest

When setting the dinner table, many hosts make the mistake of placing a napkin holder in the middle. It is further filled with paper napkins. This isn’t how it should be done! A proper dinner area needs a proper arrangement.

What you need is cloth napkins for every guest. There are beautiful napkin rings that you can use to elevate the look. Fold them gently and place them near each layer of plates. Keep an extra set handy, in case the need arises. 

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Condiment Set is a Must

Everyone has a different taste. Some like it simple, while others prefer hot and spicy meals. As a good host, you have to meet the requirements of every guest and make them enjoy their meal.

You will be cooking the same meal for the people and cannot change the spiciness or saltiness again and again. This is why you must keep a condiment set in the middle. It will allow the visitors to alter the food according to their taste. When the food will taste perfect, you will be considered a good host.  

Setting the dining area will become more exciting, and if you are missing any of the above-mentioned items visit ellementry and get what you need. Shopping for home items has never been so convenient. 

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