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Have you ever sat on a rollercoaster? The feeling you experience right before the ride begins is beyond explanation. The sense of excitement, nervousness, butterflies in the tummy, all at the same time. The same happens when someone buys a new house. 

It is an emotional journey. Planning and bringing together everything takes a lot from an individual. A housewarming party is their way of including you in their moment of celebration. A thoughtful gift from your side will add to their happiness. Ellementry helps you find an appropriate gifting idea for friends and family at a house party. 

A special relationship deserves a memorable gift that can be put to good use. It should be something the receiver would value and use for a longer time. It is true. Finding a perfect present is a tricky task. It involves a lot of thinking and sometimes a budget too. 

Housewarming Gifts

Attending such an event is a great way to have a look at your pal’s home. It is the time to cherish their accomplishment and new beginnings. A perfect freebie what so ever it is must be something which will bring a smile to their faces. It would also reflect your love towards them. 

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Owning a house is an overwhelming experience. It is a matter of pride and festivity. Your presence must only enhance that feeling, and your gift must be a souvenir of it. It could be anything; a plant, a chair, a wall art, cookware for the lady of the house. You can also give a decor item which will escalate the whole vibe and interior of the house. A new abode has to be full of positivity and good wishes. Make sure your beautiful decision keep that intact even in your absence.

The real question “what to give?”

Do not fret. Here are some items you can happily and without any second thought can take along at the party. They all are not only handcrafted but 100% sustainable as well. 

Jharoka lantern

The lantern will always keep their place filled with light and optimism. It is made of an eco mix which is an art form using newspaper, glue and flour. The pattern is unique and subtle. The ancient Mughal monuments used to have this design in their windows and dividers between the two rooms. 

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The light will delicately pass through this pattern will illuminate their place for a long time. They can hang it in their living room or on the balcony with fairy lights. It will make the place look classy and elegant. 

Minikin accent set of 2

If you are going for something aesthetic décor piece, then this is your product. The elephants are handcrafted from natural wood. They are known for their gentle and wise nature and are the epitome of stamina, strength, and patience.

It has brass ears. The piece is so beautiful that you will want one pair for your home as well. They will go very well in the middle of the coffee table or at the cabinet. One can put it anywhere. The place will lit up only by its presence. 

Tea Amore gift box set organe

The tea amore box is for your buddy who you like to have tea with. He can now store the varied collection of teabags in them categorically. It will be the best gift for some who loves this heavenly hot beverage. The box is well-lacquered. It adds a gloss to make it shine and protects it from every side. Your companion will keep it safe for life. 

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In time notice board with clock & shelf

This piece of art is to make the lady of the home happy. It will uplift the overall look of the place. The host and hostess can put sticky notes or other important documents like a bill on the wooden part. Mothers can keep a tab of time while cooking. It will serve as a key holder as well. Hang your car and house keys to skip all the struggle after misplacing one. 

You can give them anything you feel like. It should only come from the heart. The intention behind it should be pure and full of affection. By each product of Ellementry, you will do that very conveniently. 

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