Home is where you pamper yourself with peace and relaxation. This pandemic has surely sparked emotion for home. Now that you get to spend the majority of your time with your family at home, the role of a home has evolved from being just a place to live to an emotion that encapsulates our entire lifestyle.

It is one’s comfort zone, his safe place to relax, work, study and now socialize. It is good to give a little makeover to your abode once in a while. The process will help you to feel good and not get bored of the place. Give Ellementry a chance, and you will notice your home will reflect elegance and style from every corner.

It is good to remodel your space once in a while. But, it shouldn’t have to be heavy on your pockets. There are so many ways in which you can change the entire look of your home.

You can let your furniture and lighting alone do the magic, or you can bring home some vintage-looking, antique items. There is always a choice to hang some interesting wall painting. The accent wall never goes out of style. One can also hang beautiful pendant lights over the dining and let the lighting alone add life to the ambience.

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Decor is never a tricky business when one knows what he/she is doing. It is the items that you use to decorate your house that make all the difference. The correct Homewares are always the key to a good looking place. And, honestly, it is not rocket science.

All you need is a vision and an image of your dream décor in mind. The next step would be to look for a brand that will cater to all kinds of needs. For E.g. Ellementry is your one-stop solution for handcrafted and nature-friendly kitchenware, furniture, and lighting products. You get all that you desire under one roof.

All you need is an eye for attention to detail so that your place looks presentable and always ready to welcome the guests any time of the day. Here are some products lined up for you that can help you with product selection:

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Rustic gold metal wall art- small

Every house has a wall behind its dining. This piece of art alone will embrace the look of the wall. Let your walls be your canvas when you moving and changing things around. Its shape and colour give it a distinct character.

The product adds a luxurious vibe to the place. Its rustic metal look is as classy as it is beautiful. You can put it on any wall in the house. Its presence is enough to speak of luxury in every way.

Furrow peg table

Less is always more. It is not necessary to decorate your space with heavy furniture. Even a simple yet aesthetic piece will do the same work. The furrow peg table can be used in your living room. It will also look nice sitting on your balconies. The table is perfect to use as a coffee table, end table, plant stand, or functional footrest stool. One can also put it beside the bed and use it as a nightstand in the bedroom.

Gunmetal pendant lamp- round

You must have seen at several places that they have their lights hanging over their dining tables. This makes everything on the table perfectly visible and brightens up the place with sophistication.

This gunmetal pendant lamp is appropriate for such a purpose. You can hang it over your study table or in the corners. The round lamp will provide a spotlight to all the spaces as it adds a raw charm to the decor.

Gunmetal pendant lamp-flat

Life is too short for boring lighting lamps. Bring home this piece of art, the gunmetal pendant lamp and illuminate every corner of your home with perfecting. Its entire look has its charm to it. The design and overall look will force you to install it at your place as soon as possible.

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Soiree side table

Are you a party person? Or do you have to entertain a lot of guests at home? Give your hospitality a grade A styling with the help of this Soiree Side table. It is perfect to display all your handmade cuisines. You can even put your barware collection on it to attract the attention of everyone in the house.

Ellementry has some exciting items that you can add to your collection of homeware. Bring them home for that elevated look and appeal that you always aim for.

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