Those days are long gone when only women of the house used to cook in the kitchen. As culinary practices have turned into art, men have also turned towards the cookhouse. Traditionally, commercial restaurants were the places where people used to see men cooking.

But the gender roles are no more rigid. The men of many households look to prepare delicious meals and showcase their talent. If things are changing in the cooking area, so should be the cutlery that we use.

Ellementry has always been at the forefront to bring positive change. It is why the products offered by this brand are sustainable, eco-friendly, handcrafted, and, not to forget, exquisite in a very way.

Those who wish to give their cooking a new appeal need to start doing that by adding some freshness to their kitchenware and serveware items. When it comes to mixing, stirring and serving edible goods, individuals often make use of laddle that is made of metal.

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It loses its shine very soon, and then it merely assists you but does not turn your culinary skills into art. If you are using it with your imperial crockery collection, the charm will be lost. What you need are spatulas that are beautiful, classy and sophisticated.

They must portray your excellent choice and lifestyle. Ellementry, with this collection of spatulas, is here to save your day. Check out the listed below items, and you will know what true serving should be.

Mango Spatula Small Lifter Natural

Do you love to cook and serve your family and friends? Have you been using the good old metal spatulas all this time that dont even complement your cutlery? Then it is time that you keep those kitchen utensils aside and bring home this beautiful spatula made from mango wood.

It is perfect to stir hot food and serve when everyone is around the dinner table. If you have guests over, they will surely be impressed with its fine make and classic appeal. Use it to serve delicious veggies that you have cooked with love.

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Mango Spatula Slotted Natural

When it is raining outside, all everyone craves are deep-fried fritters with some steaming hot cup of tea or coffee. For that, you will need to take out the kitchen utensils needed to accomplish this task.

But instead of using your metal slotted spoon, use one made from mango wood. It gives you a better grip, doesnt get too hot to hold and look extremely cute in your cooking space. It is a weightless item that allows you to get more work done without getting tired. You can wash it easily, and it will look as good as new once again. 

Mango Spatula Lifter Narrow Natural

In the kitchen, you will need to mix the ingredients. Using a spoon that is utilized for other cookhouse tasks as well might look convenient. But it is the wrong method. The dry ingredients might not miss properly and stick to the spoon more often, which will demand your extra efforts to remove it from there and prepare a proper batter.

But when you have a mango spatula lifter narrow natural, combining the ingredients will become an easy task. The components will not stick on the spatula, and you will see how effectively you can complete the work. You can also use it on a hot pan to flip eggs, meat or another item that you are cooking. 

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Teak Wood Ladle

This ladle is beautiful and artistic, making it an ideal addition to your millennial kitchen. It will give you a perfect reason to bid adieu to your conventional kitchen ladle and use this in its place.

The spoon has been ergonomically designed to give you comfort while cooking a serving. It will flawlessly complement all your serveware items. Teak wood will not scratch your precious crockery, and you will enjoy a hassle-free experience. 

If you are wondering that using mango wood would not be a sustainable and eco-friendly option, then you must know that it is a by-product. Mango wood is used when the tree reaches an age where it has completed its fruit-bearing expectancy.

Only then the tree is axed, and the wood is used to make various other items. It is a completely sustainable and environmentally friendly option. Ellementry gives you easy access to these kitchenware products and delivers them right outside your doorstep.

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