We have finally made it to that part of the year where we are surrounded by the energetic vibe of festivities. To make this year and festive season special, Ellementry has bought us some exciting gifting items that you have been searching for all along.


Vanilla & Lavender Natural Soy Wax Ceramic Jar With Wooden Lid (1 Wick)

Most people today are indulging in the art of self-love. For that, they are adding comfortable furnishings, mood-lifting lights and calming candles that they can light after a long day. It is the scent that captivates their hearts and offers deep relaxation.

If you also know someone who is a master of self-love or desperately in need of it, then go ahead and gift them a vanilla & lavender natural soy wax ceramic jar with a wooden lid (1 wick). The beautiful jar makes a perfect decor for home, and the enchanting fragrance of vanilla and lavender will mesmerize anyone.

Soy wax is 100% eco-friendly and doesn’t emit any impurities but has a fresh, clean fragrance. Once all the wax has been burned, wash it and use it to store your knick-knacks.

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Neve Sage Jar Set Of Two

If you are planning to present a festive gift to a neighbour, colleague or a new friend, it can be daunting to settle on what kind of gift to offer. There are so many options available in the market, but it is hard to know the preference of a person that you don’t know much about.

So the best course of action here is to gift them something useful. When you choose neve sage jar set of two, this gifting jars set will be an amazing present because the receiver can use it to store various edible as well as non-edible things.

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The next great thing about this item is that it is so presentable and beautiful that every time they use it, they will think of you. You can also pre-fill the jars with cookies, snacks, candies, dry fruits and more to make your gift even more spectacular.

Aria Breakfast Set

One thing that should never be overlooked is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, when you gift aria breakfast to any individual, you are showcasing your love, care and a gentle reminder to always eat something before leaving the house.

The set itself showcases a bright yellow colour with hand-painted eucalyptus leaves. It consists of one coffee mug with a lid, breakfast plate and cereal bowl. The lid on the cup doubles as a coaster too. Any individual will be delighted to receive this item as a gift.

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Head(Y) Ceramic Bottle Stopper Set Of Two

Are you all excited to go to a festive party? Most people carry a bottle of wine these days to come across as a good guest. If you are also taking a bottle of fine wine, hold your horses right there.

As this has become a common yet desirable gift, why not add a little something to it to make the present more exciting? Yes, you can simply do that by gifting a head(y) ceramic bottle stopper set of two with the bottle.

Once the bottle is popped open, something will be needed to cover the top. These stoppers will keep the fizz intact in a very stylish way. The host will certainly be delighted with this thoughtful gift.

Mahogany Natural Soy Wax Glass Bowl With Wooden Lid(4 Wick)

There is a vast range of scented candles available in the market. Most of them don’t come in a jar. So when one finds such an item, it is natural to feel the thrill, especially when you are a candle or scent enthusiast. But there is one thing that is even better than a candle in a jar.

Candle in a glass bowl is the new trend and an item that must be a part of every home. It has four wicks that give an otherworldly glow to your space when lit. Giving and receiving it as a gift is a pleasure that you must indulge in.

Rose Patchouli Natural Soy Wax Terracotta Box With Wooden Lid (4 Wick)

If you think that soy wax in a glass bowl doesn’t have any surprising element to it, then invest in a rose patchouli natural soy wax terracotta box with a wooden lid (4 wicks).

The eco-friendly concoction of terracotta and soy wax is flawless. The moment you will remove the lid to light the wicks, your guests will be in awe and completely surprised.

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