Life is not as complex as you might think it is. People tend to seek peace in everything. What they forget is peace is always there; all they have to do is look in the right direction, at the right place. After a long hectic day, all your heart wants is to go home and have a cup of tea on your couch.

Your soul relaxes the moment you enter the house. What else do you think is the concept of peace? Your home should be a peaceful and stress-free environment. Make it one with the help of handcrafted and nature-friendly products of Ellementry

Decor plays an important role in creating home a tranquil place. Fortunately, there are small things that you can do to make your home a peaceful place. Tiny changes and your home’s atmosphere will have the aura of tranquillity.

Reason to make home a relaxing place:

To remove all the negativity

If you are a creative person then you might want to remove all the mess around you. You may not realize, but untidy surrounding attracts negative energy. You will always feel agitated, irritated in such an environment. Also, it wastes a lot of time as you are unable to find a thing when needed.

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Energy levels

You must have heard of the practice of ‘Feng shui,’ It is an ancient art of placement. A feng shui is a practice of arranging the pieces in living spaces. It is done to create a balance with the natural world. The idea is to unblock the way and let the positive forces flow towards you freely.

Steps to create a home of peace:

Organise and decorate

Organising everything can help an individual to know where everything is. Divide your room into zones and categories each item according to the zones. Put them in a place where it will be easier for you to remember. Decorate using your favourite colour. You can bring in new furniture as it alone will do wonders.

Dedicate a point in the house for stress-relieving activities.

Yoga and meditation are two things that are famous among all as peace providing activities. Spare a corner for performing them. If not yoga, then do whatever makes you happy, eg: dancing, painting etc.

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The secret lies in the kitchen

The kitchen is where you literally cook happiness for yourself in the form of your favourite recipes. Don’t you think it has to look nice and clean to make a tasty dish? You cannot cook in a messy kitchen. Instead, you will end up getting irritated. It is best to work on it and bring in some fancy kitchenware to groom the space.

Have a look at some of these items. They might help you bring peace and a sense of relaxation at home.

Midnight terracotta vase

Natural products have the qualities to make the ambience light and calm. This terracotta vase will do exactly the same. Created from terracotta, this midnight vase from Ellementry will enhance your decor level in no time.

Frangipani wooden candle holder

Soothing music, gleaming candles and a glass of wine can turn any humdrum day into an exciting evening. Light your scented candle in these beautiful wooden holders. The floral design on the holders is hand-painted by true artists. Your home will look lovely when the candle will glow on these artistic and aesthetically pleasing candle stands.

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Teravak embossed planter (short)

What is better than a green plant to bring home peace and a lively spirit? Plants in the house add positivity around. Their presence keeps the resident’s mood light and cheerful all day long.

You can also bring home some of your favourite saplings and plant them in this teravak embossed planter. The atmosphere feels relaxing and stress-free on its own when you are around the floras. This planter comes with a tray to prevent watermarks on the surface.

Devaysa pooja box

Believe it or not, but praying every morning fills the heart with optimism and zeal. It also makes the home’s aura full of peace. Lighting an incense stick relaxes one’s mind. Offering prayer to god fill the whole body with contentment. Use this devysa pooja box if you are a beginner at this. It has room for everything. It will make the process simpler and better for you.

You must acknowledge the fact that there is no place like home. Make your home the reflection of positivity and peace using Ellementry’s sustainable and one-of-its-kind products.

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