India is celebrating its 75th Independence Day with utmost pride and vigour in its heart. It is the day when the nation got its freedom from British rule, allowing every individual of the country to pursue the art of their passion.

There was a time when people used to follow orders by the Britishers and do their bidding. When we finally broke away from their rule, Indians were once again allowed to enjoy the freedom of expression. We have every right to rejoice in this liberty and make our country stand on a pedestal where everyone looks at us in awe.

With this freedom, we are living a life that gives us the right to do what we wish to. Our rich culture has always attracted people from around the globe, and our local art is no less of a magnet. Ellementry is also following those footsteps, picking up lost gems and adding them to the modern world.

The brand is whole-heartedly committed to offering individuals handcrafted homeware that speaks of love, care and freedom. Let us check out how Ellementry celebrates freedom of expression with some of its intrinsic kitchenware, serveware, decor and more.

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Handcrafted Products

When you shop with Ellementry, you do not get everyday items but something much more than that. Every decor from home and other homeware products are handcrafted. Right from the moulds to the motifs that you see on the items, hands are used to craft it all.

When things are made by hand, the beauty of those items is incomparable. Craftsmen breathe life into materials. Further, giving you products that are worthy of your humble haven. It is easy to find machine-made perfection almost anywhere, but it is the handmade imperfection that must be celebrated.

Local Artisans

We buy several products all the time but do you know who made them? Most kitchenware set are made by machines which are handled by the labourers. But what we need is to encourage our local artisans who have been perfecting their art since time immemorial.

They have dedicated their generations to take the art forward. So, we must shop items crafted by such individuals who do not work for money but to keep the traditions alive.

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Culture Revival

The beauty and richness of our culture lies in its traditions, its roots. With western influence, many have forgotten where we come from. This is why it is imperative to revive the culture and put it forward in an avtaar that the modern society would love to associate with.

It is time that we learn from the pearls of wisdom of the past. If you want to invest in luxury serveware, go with a brand that is committed to it. The products must have a traditional charm with contemporary appeal.

Use Of Clay & Glass

Did you know that terracotta and glass can be remoulded into any shape to make beautiful and use products? Yes! You read that right! What is amazing about these two materials is that they are 100% food safe and clay adds minerals and vitamins to your food and drinks.

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Now, let us check out some products that are a perfect concoction of handmade imperfection crafted by local artisans and revives culture.

Brown Mango Wood Textured Platter- Square

It is a fantastic and functional product for those who like to entertain often. The platter is made of mango wood and has a beautiful textured pattern. Its raw character makes it ideal for serving. It is also a great choice if you are particularly looking for an item that is distinctive yet charming.

Sienna Terracotta Baking Dish

Can’t get over your love for baking? Then take your skills a notch up by baking delicacies in your sienna terracotta baking dish. The product is made from clay which is food safe and adds a little extra to what you bake. It is oven friendly and ideal for long cooking on low heat as it distributes the heat evenly.

Glass Cloche With Marble Base Square

Are your guests coming over? Do you wish to decorate the table tastefully for their arrival? Then place your handmade or store-bought delicacies inside this glass cloche. The marble base square makes the piece look more classic and stylish. The moment your guests arrive, they will notice this spectacular item sitting at the dining table.

Ellementry is celebrating freedom of expression with its handcrafted items. If your soul is patriotic and you love every moment of liberty you enjoy, then it is time to bring home items that give out the same expression in a subtle yet powerful way.

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