We have reached that time of the year where the sky is dark with rainy clouds, soothing monsoon winds offer respite from the heat, and cooking becomes a joyous activity. This is the time when the body responds to the calls of nature and celebrates the beauty of it all.

So, when it comes to celebration, no party is complete without food. When friends and family join in, the mood gets happier. If you have been whipping some delightful desserts and classic culinary delights, you must enjoy it with your near and dear ones.

You can set the table inside or take the buffet outside to make most of the weather, and all that nature has to offer. When the table is decorated with the most beautiful tableware and other essential elements, food tastes even better, and the celebration becomes lit. Ellementry’s various floral collections are perfect for such moments.

If selecting the right serveware is coming across as a daunting task, then you must know that we are living in an era where lip-smacking food needs to be further complemented by charming utensils.

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When you take the help of the topmost homeware brand, selecting a bloom collection for serving will become an easy thing to do. Right from pasta bowls to ceramic thali, Ellementry has everything that you need to enjoy this amazing weather in the company of exciting food and friendly conversations.

So, without further ado, let us explore some collections of tableware items that you can bring home and take your hosting skills a notch higher.

Fleur D’or Collection

What is that one thing that the monsoon season reminds us of? The way nature changes its course, the fresh aroma of slightly wet mud and blooming flowers all around.

How amazing would it be if Mother Nature comes inside and becomes a part of our dinner table? Yes, that is possible with the fleur d’or collection. The main star of this assortment is mango wood, which is a sustainable approach towards Mother Earth.

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The first element of nature comes home, hand in hand with floral designs, hand-painted by the most talented artisans. Whether you bring all the products from this collection home or just a single piece, once it is set on the table, it will make your buffet a classic hit.

Frangipani Collection

If you are in search of serveware that is dark in colour and made from wood, then the frangipani collection will particularly interest you. In this assortment, there is a wide range of items that you can choose from to make the buffet attractive and exciting.

Place the wooden salad bowl in the middle of the table, complement it with a glass cloche with the wooden platter, a lazy susan, cutlery stand, oval wooden platter and candle holder to set the mood right.

This collection is also hand-painted with frangipani flowers and leaves, adding bloom to your buffet. If you are worried that water will spoil your beautiful wooden items, then you should know that this collection is washable. Rinse it with a mild detergent, and that is it! Avoid abrasives, and deep water soaks to maintain its beauty.

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Fiore Collection

Cannot get over your love for ceramics? Ellementry has got you covered with its fiore collection. It is a perfect concoction of ceramic material and a hand-painted leaf pattern. In this collection, you will find items like nut bowl, jug, utensil holder, dinner plates, thali, cake stand with wooden base, chip-n-dip, salad bowl, side plate and serving bowl.

Purchase it all to make that buffet with family or friends a hit. If special guests are coming over, then this collection is ideal for serving and showoff. After all, no guests of yours should return without acknowledging your sophisticated choice in homeware items.

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Some Other Items For After Bloom Buffet Party

You have served your guests a delicious meal in the most beautiful serveware items, and now it is time to extend the celebrations with the listed below items.

Tea Set

It does say tea set, but you can also serve coffee if that is what the guests desire. If the weather outside is rumbling and it is raining cats and dogs, pour a hot cup of tea and coffee into distinguished cups through a stunning tea set.

Wine Cooler

Still got some wine left or want your guests to taste something spectacular, then bring it in the wine cooler and toast to good times.

Good times, best products and love for nature can all be bought together with Ellementry.

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