The world around us is changing and evolving fast. Whether it is fashion trends, cars, mobile phones or homeware, every other day something new gets introduced. It is a result of exceeding demand and makers’ desire to satiate modern needs.

When it comes to our home and kitchen, we want products that are the best, intricately crafted and exquisite looking. As nature is taking unexpected twists and turns, it has become the responsibility of human beings to take preventative measures and save the environment.

As a result, many individuals are becoming environmentally conscious, and the numbers are increasing. When people start thinking more about the planet they live on, they look for products that are good for their health and Mother Earth too.

Ellementry is an environmentally conscious brand that offers a great range of items that are a perfect concoction of craftsmanship, trend, beauty, eco-friendly practices and form and function. No matter which decor item or serveware you pick from the brand, you are bound to fall in love with it instantly.

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As times are changing and people have higher disposable incomes, they look for more variety and styles in every product segment. Ellementry is aware of this shift, and this is why they keep crafting new kitchenware and homeware items to meet the demand and quench the never-ending needs. If you are someone for whom only the best will do, then you must check out the new range of products now available at Ellementry.

Clear Glass Butter Dish With Wooden Base

You must have seen a variety of cloches which are often round in shape. But why should you stay limited to a particular style that is a part of every other home? Your space must define your individuality, and there is no better way of showing that to your guests than using a clear glass butter dish with a wooden base.

It has a rectangular shape that gives it a new identity. You can use it to keep the margarine or any snacks safe and away from flies or germs. The cloche hat is made from glass, and the base is crafted from wood. The combination never fails to add charm to your kitchen or dinner table.

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White Wood Tray Round

If you have been working from home lately, human contact is something that you must be craving. So why not invite some friends over for drinks and hearty conversations? It will also allow you to showcase your white wood serveware tray that is unique and stylish in every sense.

Mango wood gives it a distinctive appeal and beauty that is a must-have. With this item, one thing is for sure, and that is, no other individual will have this kind of serving tray in their home. You are certainly going to set a new trend with it.

Matt Silver Metal Serving Bowl

There are all kinds of serving bowls available in the market, made from different materials. It could be wooden, ceramic, plastic, glass and more. However, a metal serving bowl is a new concept, and very few homes will have this item on their dinner table. So, if you are looking for something particularly singular and distinctive, then you cannot let this matt silver metal serving bowl get out of your hands.

Ceramic Butter Dish Stripes W/Wdn Lid Blush

Butter is a vital part of our meals, especially in our breakfast. Whether we go with the salted version or the unsalted one, we need it to make our meals even more delicious. So, what you want is an item that is stylish and appropriate to serve the margarine. Your regular plate will work but fail to add charm to the table.

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Without hesitation, go ahead and bring home ceramic butter dish stripes w/wdn a lid blush. The fusion of ceramic and wood whips up urban and traditional style that further complements your home interiors or table set up.

Yellow Mango Wood Roti Box

A majority of people use a plastic roti box in their kitchen. It is a trend that is carried on for generations, and there hasn’t been a significant change. But if you want an exclusive item that enhances the beauty of your humble kitchen, then a yellow mango wood roti box is the way to go. The rotis kept inside it will stay fresh and gain benefit from the wood, becoming healthier.

Give your home and kitchen a stylish makeover by giving new picks from Ellementry a chance. The products you receive will excite and satisfy your needs. After the first purchase, you are bound to get hooked.

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