India is a land of thousands of festivities. It is known for its innumerable festivals, traditions, and of course, the diverse culture. The amalgamation of these 3 on one auspicious day form a perfect occasion for the mutual exchange of gifts.

According to the country’s rich history, one should always go to somebody’s place with some present. It could be anything like flowers, sweets, a home decor product. It doesn’t matter what you bring. It is always the feeling that counts. Embody your emotions in the beautifully handcrafted and sustainable products of Ellementry.

Presenting something to someone means that you care for them and wish for their well-being and happiness. It truly reflects your heartfelt admiration for the purpose. Festivals are only the right occasion to express them wholeheartedly.

Gifting during the festive season is an ideal way to express mutual love and affection towards each other.

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There are some gifts like the idol’s statue that are known to bring prosperity to the house. Although it is always the intention behind a gift that holds the top position, what you are gifting is also important.

If you are wondering what possible could you gift to your friends, then do not worry. There are plenty of options you can choose from. Like:

  • Sweet or chocolates
  • Fruits
  • Flowers
  • Item symbolic of your home
  • If your host likes to savour alcohol then a fine wine will be the best gifting idea for him
  • Stuffed animals or automatic toys for children
  • Dry fruits

These are all the widely used options to choose from. But, if you really want to do it right, then gifting something that they can use every day for years to come would be the best thing.

Think about it. There must be some friends who are married and settled for well. How about gifting them a fancy serveware? Wouldn’t it be the best gift for them? If they like to host parties now and then, the serveware items would be apt.

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Your gift will help them to make their table décor look organised and well set up. You can go with one serveware, or you can buy an entire collection. It is not every day that you get to make your friend feel special.

Have a look at some of the servewares by Ellementry. All of them are designed by artists aesthetically and are 100% eco-friendly.

Sienna terracotta bottle cooler

If you are going to a cocktail party, this bottle cooler would be a perfect gift. Your friend can keep it on his bar stand along with his other barewares.

The product is made from terracotta, which is known for capturing and retaining the natural coolness of the water. It will keep the wine bottle cooler for a longer time. Your friend who likes to drink would love this gift by heart.

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Aria breakfast set

The jubilance of the festival lasts for at least one week in India. The arrival of the guests is pretty much predictable during these days. Gift your loved one this aria breakfast set.

It comes with a plate, bowl and a mug with a lid. The product is perfect for serving handmade snacks. The design on the breakfast set takes inspiration from the eucalyptus leaves, which are hand-painted by true artisans.

IF your friend or relative loves coffee, then this mug will be his saviour. The mug lid also acts as a coaster. What else could be better than this?

Frangipani wooden salad bowl

It is a perfect gifting option for those who are strict followers of a healthy diet. This wooden bowl will motivate them to stay true to their diet as their veggies in a salad will look beautiful and tempting in the bowl. Its design is what makes it more attractive. The hand painted flower creates a timeless statement in style.

Frangipani glass cloche with wooden platter

This cloche in the gift box will make your baker friend’s day. What else could be better than this for someone who loves baking cake? This glass cloche will double the charm of their handmade cookies and cake. The product is handcrafted, and the floral pattern is hand-painted. It is 100% safe and meets all the international food safety standards.

Be prepared for the upcoming festive season with Ellementry. Here, you will find everything that you need to make a strong impression in front of your family and friends.

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