Cakes, cookies, pastries, and pies – hearing these mellifluous words get us salivating naturally. These delicious food items are the best when it comes to satiating your sweet teeth.

What factors are alike in making these food items? All these food items are baked instead of the conventional form of cooking. These items are known collectively as baked goods and are – usually sold at bakeries. Certain baked foods are preferred as they retain vitamins better than conventionally cooked foods such as meat.

The process of baking requires the use of indirect, dry heat from an oven to prepare food. It is also probably the oldest cooking method – with Mexican tortillas and Indian Chapattis as their best examples.

Baking techniques have progressed from basic Chapattis to sophisticated tarts – with the development of enclosed baking utensils and then of ovens, making possible thicker baked cakes or loaves.

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With the ease of preparing food, baking can be a preferred cooking method. For instance, baked potatoes are healthier than deep-fried potatoes.

It is indicative of the fact that baking is an art that can be embraced in every household.

Ready, steady, bake

As old as the method is, many of us are still new to the concept of baking. We may want to try our hands at baking with the right kind of kitchenware and bakeware items.

When buying bakeware online we have to keep our lifestyle and health preferences in mind. Ellementry is an online portal that provides different ranges and varieties of bakeware sets.

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The bakeware products are sustainable, food-safe and are aesthetically appealing. These products are made up of fusion materials such as eco-friendly and sturdy ceramic. Some of the highlights of Ellementry bakeware options are:

Mano ceramic round tart dish

The ceramic dish is meant for serving pies with a vintage touch in ceramic pie dish. It is multi-purpose, so one can also use this pie pan to serve chips or snacks at the party. The bakeware comes with a unique rippled texture that makes it a must-have in our households.

Upper crust ceramic ramekin

The Ellementry ceramic ramekin has many uses. It may be applied to pre-measured cooking ingredients. It can also be used to serve snacks and to bake single desserts.

Sienna terracotta baking dish (large)

Terracotta is an entirely oven friendly material. This bakeware fits perfectly into your baking set and is ideal for long cooking on low heat as it distributes the heat evenly. The best part is that you can cook as well as serve in this baking dish. The product is food-safe and handcrafted.

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Sienna terracotta baking dish (small)

This is a small terracotta baking dish that is unique, handmade and ensures cultural revival with eco-friendly, natural terracotta.

Sienna terracotta bowl

The Sienna terracotta bowl has the essential function of serving while preparing individual desserts. One can have endless uses of ceramic ramekins. This terracotta ramekin is perfect for pre-measure dish constituents, serving luncheons and baking single desserts.

Upper crust ceramic tart dish

This Ellementry ceramic dish is round with fluted sides, making it perfect for tarts, quiches or other side servings. It is also handcrafted, hence, each of this bakeware is unique.

Terracotta baking dish

The Terracotta baking dish is oven friendly. It fits absolutely into one’s bakeware set and is ideal for long cooking on low heat as it distributes the heat evenly. It is sustainable, handcrafted and food-safe.

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Upper crust ceramic mixing bowl- medium

This Ellementry bakeware provides a baking experience and a luxurious upgrade with this hand-glazed mixing bowl. It’s handy for pouring the ingredients into muffin trays or serving containers. With a versatile pattern, it’s carved out to be an aid between the kitchen and the table.

Peach life ceramic oven baking dish

The Ellementry baking dish adds a pinch of excitement to your baking experience with the ‘Peach Life’ Oven Baking Dish. Its Hand-glazed ceramic goes with the oven like magic. It is sustainable, food-safe and handcrafted.

Ellementry is a one-stop solution for sustainable, eco-friendly bakeware. Depending on the lifestyle and health choices, Ellementry provides a range of kitchenware, serveware and bakeware items.

In a household with a baker’s kitchen, these wide varieties of articles tend to provide completeness to the kitchen. It is said that baking is mental therapy. Be it a new household or an old one, with baking as a part of its cooking regime, eco-friendly, sustainable and robust bakeware are a part of most healthy households.

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