August marks the opening of the festive season in India. This year, 22 August, is Raksha Bandhan. It is a festival to celebrate the most pious bond between a brother and sister. Growing up in India, you must be familiar with the festivity of this day.

No one is a stranger to the happiness and joy that it brings with it. It is so satisfying to see a myriad of rakhis displayed in the shops. Spending the day with cousins galore is another reason why this festival is loved by all. This year, celebrate your Raksha Bandhan with Ellementry and its fancy, sustainable kitchenware.

Raksha Bandhan, as the name suggests, is a festival to celebrate the closely-knit bond of siblings. Sisters pick the best kind of rakhi for brothers. The moment when she ties on his wrist, his eyes glisten with admiration is ineffable.

Of course, the gift in return makes sister’s day. But, above all, the promise to protect the sister and longevity wished for brother is what makes this day special.

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The festival is just around the corner. It is approaching faster than you think. Have you thought of something to surprise your sibling with yet? You know you have to get it right as your sister waits for the entire year for this day.

The sacred thread that she ties blesses her brothers with a long and safe life. Let’s make her feel special by giving her something that she likes. Along with rakhi, a sister can also gift his brother with something. Let’s look at some exciting options that will help you decide:

  • Chocolates: These are the evergreen answer to all your sister-related questions. 8 in 10 girls love chocolates. Whenever nothing seems worthy of her, present her the chocolates and she will love them. Because it is a special festival, chocolates must be special too. Bring her the rare or the best chocolates of the country.
  • Coffee Mugs: What else could be better than coffee mugs? Gift your sibling a pair of two hand-painted coffee mugs. Ellementry presents hand-painted, hand-thrown ceramic mugs crafted from clay to be the perfect accompaniment to your coffee & tea chats
  • Planter: To thank your sister for all her love and support, get her a planter as a gift this festive season. Planters are appropriate for interior and outdoor decorating, and they may make the surrounding area look more cheerful. Any type of plant (cash plant, jade plant, snake plant, and/or any type of flower plant) can be included.
  • Bakeware: This could be a little out of the box but the idea is perfect for those who love to bake. Think about it. What else could be better than presenting beautiful bakeware to a baker?

Here have a look at some items that you can select from:

Fluted glass cloche with wooden stand

Does your sister/brother bake the world best cake and cookies? If yes, then this Raksha Bandhan, gift her/him this heart-winning glass cloche by Ellementry. Her delicious and beautiful baking skills will glisten through the glass. It is also a great way to encourage her/his passion for baking.

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Sienna terracotta baking dish

The arrival of guests all day long at the festival is pretty much predictable. Ask your baker sibling to bake some of her best cookies for the guests. Bring her/him this Sienna terracotta baking dish. It spreads the heat evenly and bakes the dish perfectly from all the edges.

Ljo ceramic planter with stand

The Ljo ceramic planter is apt for those who love plants around them. This festive season, personalize your gift by placing a plant of their choice. Keep them on their study table or workstation.

Plants are known to bring positivity and good thoughts all day long. It will enhance the look of their table. It comes with a wooden stand that makes it easy and convenient to carry. The planter is a style statement and a perfect piece for decor.

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Aria breakfast set

If your sibling lives in another city, then why not gift her/him something that he/she can use every day. This Aria breakfast set will be perfect for this situation. It consists of one coffee mug with lid, breakfast plate and cereal bowl.

It makes you perfectly equipped for your morning breakfast. The design on this set is inspired by the eucalyptus leaves which are hand-painted by Artisans. The lid of the cup can be used as a coaster too.

This year appreciate your brother and sister for who they are. Tell them how much you love them and make their day with more excitng handcrafted products of Ellementry.

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