The festive season is about to begin, and some are already celebrating their regional festivals. Last year, we were severely affected by the pandemic. It held us back from enjoying our festivals with show and pomp.

However, this year, the conditions are getting back to normal, giving us all the more reasons to shower love and admiration towards those with whom we connect on deeper levels. The entire country will be commemorating Raksha Bandhan, which marks the never-dying bond between siblings.

So, there is no way you can mark this event without a gift. Purchasing a gift for siblings can either be easy or a daunting task. If you are stuck and can’t decide what to buy, Ellementry is here to help you out.

With an impressive collection of spectacular eco-friendly decor items and more, you can never go wrong here. Listed below are some top options that can make a perfect gift for brothers and sisters.

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Jade Lotus Natural Soy Wax Ecomix Bowl (4 Wick)

Many people are becoming environmentally conscious by the day. It is because we have realized what humans are doing to planet earth, and it is only us who can save it, taking it towards a better future.

So, if you have such a brother or sister, who keeps bothering you to follow healthier environmental practices, then jade lotus natural soy wax ecomix bowl (4 wicks) is a perfect gift for them. You can also give it as a gift to someone who you are trying to be more considerate towards Mother Nature.

It is made from ecomix material and contains natural soy wax. When it runs out of wax, it can double as a nut bowl or snack bowl. No matter how they use it, this item will look attractive sitting on the centre or dining table.


Gold Ombre Decorative Glass-Enamel Bowl- Large

This is an apt gift for a sibling who loves to party or bring everyone together under one roof. It is a chic addition and can be the focal point whenever someone visits their home. This item can be put to use in several ways. When you are not partying, use it to showcase fresh fruits.

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When you have company and drinks will be served, fill it with ice cubes and allow a nice bottle of wine or Champaign to sit in it. The bowl works as a decoration and also meets function in a very stylish way. 

Copper Metal Wall Art

If your sibling likes decor for home, and also love to elevate the way the kitchen area looks, then this Raksha Bandhan, gift them a copper metal wall art. It can either be hanged on the wall or can double as a fruit basket.

If they think that its best place is on the wall, then do tell them that this wall art can also hold trinkets, napkins and other small items, making it handy for them. This one is apple-shaped, but there are many more options on


Glass Cloche With Scallop Wooden Base

Cooking has become an art these days. A dish should not only look good but should also be well presented. If your sibling likes to cook, they will appreciate glass cloche with a scallop wooden base as a gift.

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This beauty is handcrafted with glass material and has a wooden base for that extra touch of classic appeal. The base also doubles as a tray when serving, taking your hospitality a notch higher. Clear glass makes the visual presentation even more attractive. 

Mango Salad Spoon Natural (Set Of 2)

Health is wealth and this is why many people are switching to a healthier diet rich in plant-based fibre and proteins. A sibling that is health-conscious and regularly exercises must be rewarded with a gift that gives their healthy choice a boost.

If they binge on salad, give them a salad bowl and mango salad spoon natural (set of 2). They will love your thoughtful present and will use it regularly. It can also work as a reminder that a healthy lifestyle is necessary. 

A pious occasion like Raksha Bandhan must be celebrated with equally pious gifts. So, go with environmentally friendly items, promote local artisans, are one of a kind and meets form and function. When you shop with Ellementry, you get all these in their every product, making it ideal for gifting purposes.

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