Desserts are wonderful sweets to serve your guests and, presenting them in embellished platters is a warm gesture to fascinate the guests. You can choose from a wide variety of platters available at our online store. The dessert platters at our store promise a unique taste for your guests in a way that they can’t ask for anything more.

  • Fleur de’ur Wooden Platter

This handcrafted and food-safe wooden platter is classy come sturdy. You can choose them for passing nibbles at parties for your loving guests.

  • In Teak Wooden Platter

Serve your desserts with this delightful raw backdrop teak wooden platter to make them eye-catchy. You can pair it up with other platters available at our store to make it look more attractive.

  • In Teak Wooden Platter Combo

This is a perfect one to serve appetizers like cheese and olive, rolls along with some tasty sauces. The teak wood finish gives it a natural and artistic look by delivering an added taste. Pair it with few more platters from the store to give the well-finished look.

  • Black Metal Platter with Base

This platter can be a dual purpose one to give an ultimate taste to your desserts as well as a fruit stand for everyday purpose. This is a great one to serve salads and snacks for the guests. It is a reliable product as it is thoroughly tested and found to be food safe.

  • Gold Metal Platter with Base

This is the same as the black metal platter except that it has a gold finish. Hand curated and sustainable, this platter makes the desserts worth it to try by delivering an authentic taste.

  • Red Masala Wooden Platter

This beautifully handmade box in the shape of red chilli is a sure choice to ensemble the guests with a nice look and feel. 

  • Picante Ceramic Platter

This is a compactly sized platter that fits perfectly on the table. Combine it with other pieces of decors from ellementry website to create that furnished look. Serve any kind of dessert in this food-safe platter to impress the guests.

  • Aqua Rustic Ceramic Platter

Made from ceramic and featuring a rustic base, this platter adds a fine taste to the serving desserts to the guests. The platter resembles a tray and, is purely handcrafted with a strong base. Buy this product from our website to add more power to your party.

  • Brown Mango Wood Textured Platter

Mango wood gives an elite and new look to your desserts with its natural finish. It can be used as a tray to serve some sweet desserts or combine it with a dip bowl to serve crackers and credited to the fellow guests. Though it looks heavy enough, it is easy to carry around to any corner of the table in the cocktail party.

  • Brown Mango Wood Textured Platter Square

Holding the same features as the above platter, this differs in the size that is a square. Handcrafted and food-safe, you need not worry about the quality of this premium platter. Buy it from our online store and, we promise that you will never regret it as your guests would be impressed with this lovely gesture of yours.

  • Tribal Mango Wood Platter with Legs all around

If you are sticking to a tribal theme, then treat your guests with this beautifully themed platter. It is nice to serve cakes, desserts, Cheese, and pizzas for the guests and fits perfectly on the table. The legs provide added support to the platters that make it easy to handle for the guests.

  • Tribal Mango Wood Platter with Legs Asymmetrical Black

The platter features stylish legs black in color that provide a stand like a look that makes it easy to hold for any kind of desserts and cakes. The tribal mango wood adds to the beauty of the platter as it’s naturally made and gives an appeal to the guests. They would enjoy the dishes served in this platter due to its charming look.

  • Natural Sheesham Platter

Serve dry foods like garlic bread, crackers, and cheese in this artistically designed Sheesham platters.  The platter is large enough to add two or more servings to give an appetizing treat to the guests. It is completely food safe and handcrafted product that you can choose for any occasion like a cocktail party or other celebrations.

  • Mango Wood Platter with Glass Bowl

Choose this wooden platter to deliver an added taste to the bread and dips served to the guests along with a bowl.  This tray looks contemporary in design and, when paired with a bowl it makes the best snacking partner to treat your guests. The mango wood provides a sturdy base to the platter which makes you not worry about placing even hot servings on top of it.

  • Ceramic Texture Platter Large

This ceramic platter grabs the immediate attention of your guests with its classy look. The mustard platter provides a nice background touch to the desserts. The best choice of dishes to serve in this includes kebab and some appetizing snacks.

Indigo Ceramic Wood Platter

The platter comes in both sizes large and small and features an oval shape. This is a great addition for parties as it gives a glam look in the eyes of the guests. You can serve any kind of dessert in this to your guests based on your liking. To make it more presentable, couple it with other items from Indigo Stamp to give a furnished look on the table. Nuts, when served in this hand-painted platter, give a redefined look to the guests due to the Indigo backdrop.

  • Indigo Lush Ceramic Platter

Add some snacks and kebabs to this stunningly looking ceramic platter tray to deliver an authentic taste of the servings. You can combine it with other items from Indigo Lush on our website to create a grand look.

  • Frangipani Wooden Oval Platter

Hand-painted and food-safe, this wooden platter features an elegant look and, you can serve any hot or cold dessert in this tray without any fear of paint entering into your food. Don’t miss to buy this bestselling product from our store that adds an unmatched appeal to your party. The wooden finish adds a subtle look when serving the desserts in this tray. Win the hearts of the guests by choosing this wonderful platter.


           Delight your loved ones by serving desserts with wonderful platters available at our store. There are many unique designs readily available to choose from to lure your guests. Right from masala box platters to ceramic platters and mango wood platters each with a different artistic design adds colors to the cocktail party by helping the guests to connect with these platters as they relish the desserts. Adorn the desserts with these platters and let the guests go awe with your creativity. For details visit us at Ellementry and check out our collection. We have just the right kind of platter suitable for your needs!

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