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You are all set for your party with all types of drinks that would entice the guests for the evening. A well-set bar is the one that is created with so much passion by adding themes and favourite drinks that match to your personality.  If you are someone who doesn’t have any favourite drink then it means you have not mastered the skill of drinking. 

Let us look into some of the drinks and the way they connect to your personality. You can pair up these drinks with some personality traits that match you well by telling some stories or helping your guests in getting the right dessert or drink by mixing it for them. Each drink listed below can be related to different personalities that add more power to your party by entertaining the guests and giving them what they deserve or expect. 


Whiskey is the most chosen drink of confident people. People who consume this drink much have lots to say by telling stories of people. These people are grounded and have balanced thinking about life. Such people have a talkative personality and don’t mind about talking all night even telling fairy tale stories after a booze that never ends. 


People choosing this drink are said to have a light personality being a slow drinker. They are less active and utter few words of wisdom only rather than talking monotonously. People with sensible thoughts prefer this drink mostly. 

These people are calm by nature and enjoy every sip of their drink never minding about what people comment or talk behind them. 


The personality of this drink people is like they are regular drinkers but drink once in a while with so much energy. You are someone who has been longing to try out this alcohol ever since the time of your dad by peeping into his cupboard and couldn’t resist trying the alcohol since then. 


You are a cool personality if you prefer this drink. These people don’t booze much but once done they become intense once they reach the saturation point. 


You are the real king of good memories. These people carry a cheerful and positive personality and don’t like to be crowded with people all around the party. You know how to play around being all alone at the party. People choosing this drink enjoy the drink without any company but vent out their worries again and again to their closed ones. 


Wine lovers are sophisticated people who stay in their comfort zone always. With one of a kind personality, these people prefer to be stylish and express cheers to their peers with wine glasses majestically in their hands. 


You are the peculiar personality who prefers this drink in spite of others ordering beer in the party. They carry a carefree attitude and love to do what they like. You have your own rules and stick to them no matter what. Though Gin is bitter in taste people of this personality like this drink. 


Vodka is a drink that gives so much entertainment to the guests being a light appetizing one. People trying out this drink have a freak out character and would have tried this drink long before when they were small with the gang if friends at school. 

These people go slow and steady with their favourite alcohol and don’t give a damn about other people's stares. They enjoy the drink to the fullest at any party by having almost fun. 

They cherish the time and keep them loaded in their memories forever. 


Tequila personalities are adventure lovers and would love to try anything new every now and then. They look for excitement at parties by wanting to try something thrilling and are all set to start with the drink even before the party starts. 

They are super fast and go along with the flow of music. Their dance moves are amazing and would make the eyes of people turn towards them at the party. They can just go crazy with this drink that takes them to another world of fantasy filled with awe. 

The dance of these people can even go viral all over social media. Since these people are fame lovers they would enjoy every bit of that on the internet. 


These people carry a cheerful personality and believe in enjoying life to the fullest no matter what. You have a sweet tooth that you find sweetness in any bitter drink too. This drink is called liquor but actually it’s a liqueur. 


People who prefer this drink have out of the world thoughts and crave for exotic life. These people are not very addicted to alcohol but if they try they forget the present and indulge in die-hard parties. 

The WaveMaker 

The most beautifully designed wine décanter that adds a natural persona of charm to your bar by showcasing the elite taste of the person choosing it. It brings out the romantic vibes in you with its smooth curved shape. As the décor looks delightful to the guests it also brings out the unique personality traits in you and makes it visible to everyone around. 

The Gatsby 

Choose this aesthetic piece to rock the night of your bar by celebrating each and every moment of it. This barware adds so much sophistication to the party. Pertaining to this personality type, this piece initiates interesting conversations with people all around and stays socially active. 

The Trilogy 

Exhibit your stunning barware collection with this trilogy set made out of wood. This barware is related to a personality that is charismatic and sharp and grabs the attention of people instantly by telling interesting stories on stage. 

By making use of this barware you can stir up the drinks and concoctions well by talking to the guest. The final outcome of delectable finger foods are served with so much grace to the guests. 


Barware are essentials in your party and are as important as drinks and wines to rock the party. Choose wisely among a list of barware items that reflects your personality to host a trending cocktail party by winning the applaud of your guests. It makes people recognize you for your fine taste and also relish the drinks with wonderful bar accessories and drinks that magnifies the party. 

To pick the right kind of barware, you can invest in online stores like Ellementry. This store stocks up gorgeous barware essentials, which will make your guests go ‘wow’.

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