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Cocktail parties throw so much fun and, to keep it going it is essential to have all the basic serving pieces at the convenience. This helps the hosts to run a well-organized party with so much energy as it reduces their stress levels. Let us discuss the must-have essentials in your party to grace any occasion.


Serving Platters

Make sure to have a set of two serving platters if you are inviting a group of people for the party. It is suggested to have one large serving platter and a large serving bowl in the kit. Choose platters in a white theme so that they go well with any design of your table. White serving platters add so much serenity to the party table.

You can use it for other purposes like serving a drink or to keep your bar tools at rest. If you are looking for a stylish centerpiece for your party table then make sure you get one serving tray to allure the gathering.


Wine and Cocktail Glasses

Wine glasses come in attractive designs these days that are exclusively designed for serving cocktails. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, then choose simple glasses that are good to go to serve the wine. To make a starter set, it is important to have a versatile collection of red wine goblets. A set of stemless glasses would be useful for the guests to serve the red and white wine. They are easy to carry and can be used as multi-purpose barware to pour water, wine, and juices at the party.


Wine Glass Markers

Use these markers to pen down a guest's name or initials of the guests that make a brilliant idea. This can make interesting party sessions if you mix them and place it on the table so that the guests could find out their glass by having an interactive talk.


Champagne Bucket

It is an excellent idea to keep your beverages and wines cool by simply putting them in this bucket and serving the guests whenever required. If it's a home-based party, you can stock some wine bottles along with a freezer pack in these beer buckets.

Linen Napkins

A great essential for hosts to have in cocktail parties as it helps to clean their hands after a handwash. Or they can be kept on the tables just to give a chic look. Choose to have at least 10 napkins of the same color or design to have uniformity. Alternatively, you can choose to have a napkin holder to place all the napkins in one place to avoid any disorder. 

Cheese Boards

Cheese boards make enjoyable party appetizers as they magnify the dinner party with their astonishing look. Serve cheese along with other snacks in this large platter before a meal to engage your guests and satisfy their craving for some yummy snacks.


Dessert Serving Pieces

Desserts add a gentle finishing touch after a heavy meal to the guests in cocktail parties. Keep a separate tiered tray for serving desserts so that it looks presentable and eye-catchy to the guests. They can also be great decors on a center table in cocktail parties.


Bar Cart with Wheels

Another must-have serving piece is a bar cart that can be entertaining as well as useful to carry plenty of servings in one go. The one with a wheel serves the purpose absolutely by helping the hosts to carry desserts, wines, water, and snacks anywhere in the party space at comfort.

If you are planning for a home-based party, then bar carts would help reduce the burden of the hosts. Place it in an easily accessible area so that guests can serve themselves by choosing their preferred drink.


Chip and Dip Sets

This is yet another frequently used item by hosts for serving snacks in cocktail parties. Receive your guests by serving some nachos, chips, veggies, spinaches along with a sauce in these bowls to let them endure a tasty food.

There are so many designs available in the market with different shapes created mainly with the motive of winning the guests.


 Barware Set (Bottle Openers and Wine Openers)

A party is never complete without a barware set which makes it one of the must-have essentials in the host list. Bottle openers make the guests handy to serve the wine themselves in between an interesting conversation without any dependency. Other party bar wares on a party table include a knife, jigger, and cocktail shakers.

Cocktail shakers help in making your cocktail by adding the essential ingredients into the shaker and blending it well to form a refined cocktail. 


Appetizer Plates

If you are a host who cares so much about maintaining the look of the table then choose these plates for serving appetizers that include sauces. This maintains the decorum of the party table without having to worry about aby spilling of food.

Choose white plates as they never go out of style in any occasion more than that also match with any dishes you choose for your table.


Small Serving Bowls

As a host, you would have realized so many times that small bowls are never enough though how many ever you have. It is necessary to keep them handy to serve chips or nuts or candies to the guests as they are time-consuming to search in an emergency.

These bowls with subtle tails look very attractive and never fail to please your guests. 

Above listed are crucial serving items to have to run an undisturbed cocktail party promising so much fun and frolic. Apart from these, there are so many items to have in handy that would add colors to the party.


Candles by nature look very pretty and, if you are planning to add it to the dinner table then no wonder it would be an amazing gesture to espouse the guests.  They deliver the perfect mood for parties with their pleasant aroma. Decorate the party event with scented candles in spots like an entrance to welcome the guests and, in places like a guest bathroom that would fascinate them more.


Fresh flowers and bouquets are an instant way to add so much beauty to your occasions that makes the guests feel festive. Keep a bunch of flowers in white vases that would give a nice fragrance effect that would be inviting to the guests.


As a host, it is important to make all the pre-arrangements for the cocktail party to treat the guests in the right way that makes them feel grateful for attending your party. This would not only make the party a grand success but also fetches you a heartfelt appreciation from the gathering. 

Treat your guests with so much hospitality and warmth and be available anytime to attend to their needs. Make sure the day before the party you keep ready the serving essentials to avoid any last-minute stress. Therefore, stock up on some grand party essentials and barware from any reputed online store; for example, you can check out the collection at Ellementry!

Let them experience a splendid party that would remain fresh in their memories for a lifetime. All the best for a perfect hosting experience.

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