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Wine glasses play a vital role in your cocktail party as they attract the guests with their versatile designs and colours. If you want to stay different from others and gain the appreciation of your guests then you should definitely try serving with different wine glasses for different wines. 

To begin with, there are varieties of red wine glasses out of which few are enlisted below.

  • Cabernet

Being the tallest in the lot, these glasses are believed to enhance the smell of the wine Since the bowl of the glass is wide, it helps in blending of the wine easily to maintain the aroma of the drink. Ensure you fill the glass with wine up to the optimum level only to enjoy every sip of the drink and to retain its fragrance.

  • Burgundy

These are also wide shaped glasses that deliver a smooth drinking experience. First, the drinker will consume the wine at the tip of the tongue due to its wide shape. This, in turn, promises an undisturbed drinking experience without affecting the quality and smell of the drink. The lip of these glasses is so sleek that helps the drinker to taste the wine at ease.

  • Bordeaux

These are the tallest glasses but with a small bowl compared to other glasses. Due to the slender design of these glasses, the drinker can have a joyful wine experience as the wine reaches the back of the tongue directly. 

  • Pinot Noir

These glasses are awesome and have the widest bowl of any of the red or white wine glasses. The large bowl helps in swirling easily and the crystal clear glass makes it transparent enough to see through the wine while performing this action. One easy way to differentiate these glasses from others is by observing the rim.

If you want to thoroughly enjoy your wine, then look no further than these glasses. 

  • Rose

Rose glasses are elongated in shape and have a bigger stem that makes the holding of these glasses easier. These glasses help in maintaining the wine at a cooler temperature. You can choose any one of varieties of these glasses: one with a short bowl and flared lip and other with the short bowl and short taper.

The flared lip ones are the best to have a delightful wine experience savoring your taste buds. This intensifies the taste of the drink flawlessly. More mature roses will be served in the glasses with short taper.

White wine glasses are listed below.


  • Chardonnay

These glasses have a U- shaped bowl and the shape resembles that of Pinot Noir glasses. They make a great choice for tasting white wine with the wide opening that makes the pouring of alcohol easy and helps in directing the wine to the tip of the tongue to relish its flavour. Every sip of the wine in this glass promises a blissful wine experience for the guests.


  • Viognier

The beauty of these glasses is in the smaller bowls that preserves your wine from being in contact with air. It’s because the oxygen can quickly reduce the fragrance of this highly prized wine. You can enjoy a smooth drinking experience for sure with these Viognier glasses.The broad base of these glasses makes it more sturdy that prevents it from being slipped from the hand even accidentally.


  • Sparkling

These glasses are narrow, unlike other glasses that retains the carbonation of the wine. People would go crazy for these glasses due to the carbonation effect while others make the wine flat.

The very first sip of the drink in this glass makes the guests go in wonder with the awesome taste. They look classy and make the drinker feel as though it’s a bib celebration.

  • Sweet Wine

Designed especially for sweeter and dessert wines, these glasses have a smaller rim than other white wine glasses. This ensures the sweetness of the wine is retained by providing a cherishing experience. Since dessert wines are rich in alcohol content, these compact glasses make a perfect choice for a post-dinner drink.


  • Vintage


These colourful glasses deliver the magical effect by enhancing the taste of your wines. They come in attractive designs that make people go awe and choose them for parties. The bowl is wide which makes the alcohol to be in too much contact with air. Also, while using these glasses the wine spillage may occur easily as it can be hard to carry.

  1. Rose Stem

These long-stemmed glasses are designed with high protection to prevent overheating of your drink with the heat in your hand. Based on the nature of the wine, you can choose one with a flared lip or without a flared lip. Apart from red and white wine glasses, there are other types available in the market as listed below.


  • Port

These are petite glasses sleeker than Bordeaux glasses but similar in shape. Make sure you fill the wine only up to the half glass to enjoy a pleasant and aromatic wine.


  • Sherry

These glasses are very handy with a similar look like port glasses. They have a long stem and a small base to retain the quality of the drink. The small opening helps the drinks to enjoy every single drop of their drink.

  • Balloon glasses 

These commonly preferred large wine glasses are best suited for both red and white wine. The long stem of these glasses makes them the best choice as they are beneficial in keeping the drink at the normal warmth without making it too warm.


  • Flute

These flute-like tall and thick glasses are best in protecting carbonation in drinks thus making it a tastier one to have. The tall nature of the glasses keeps the wine well carbonated and makes it more appetizing. Apart from these, there are mind-blowing wine glasses in our store to choose from for your cocktail party.


  • Glossy Silver Metal Wine Cooler with Handle

This purely handcrafted and food safe cooler is best opted to serve your guests a cool wine. The handle helps you to carry the wine gracefully throughout the cocktail party.


  • Silver Metal Wine Cooler with Legs

This contemporary designed cooler is an excellent barware that is easy to carry around. The product is long-lasting and also comes with legs that offer more support to the cooler.


Wine glasses are as equal as alcohol in any party as they grace the occasion by fascinating the guests. Some people may opt for ordinary glasses for all drinks. But, each wine glass has it's own speciality and tasting wines in glasses pertained to those wines be it red or white wine glasses add more flavour to the wine this leading to an enjoyable drinking experience.

So, if you are investing in wine glasses, pick the ones most suited to your taste. For variety, you can check out websites like Ellementry. Cheers!

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