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It is a fact that different varieties of wines and drinks add so much fun to any party along with bar accessories that are equally important to make it more interesting. Bar items help deliver the drink in the expected consistency and appearance to warm the hearts of the guests. It is important to treat your guests with so much hospitality by serving their favourite drinks in the appropriate glasses that add more colour and taste to the drink.

Serving drinks that go beyond the expectations of the guests entice them and, they become super excited about coming to your party driving them crazy to get their feet to the ground to dance joyfully. You can be elated about the overwhelming response from your guests that uplifts the spirits of people all around the party.

Right from stirrers to blenders to wine coolers and ice buckets all the bar accessories are readily available at our store to get yourself prepared with handy items in case you are planning to host a party tonight. The wine coolers are the rising stars of any party as they help to retain the coldness of the drinks until you serve it to the guests.

Let us look into interesting bar wares that can make your party a grand successful one.

Cocktail Shakers

This is an inevitable bar accessory in any party without which party would be incomplete. A good cocktail not only impresses your guests in the party but is also an art to do so. You can make your cocktail just by adding the ingredients and some ice to the shaker and shaking it well.

Buy copper metal cocktail shake from our online store ellementry to make the cocktail preparation hassle-free. The key feature about our shaker is that it comes with a lid and a strainer along with a lid for blending the drink completely. Two-piece Boston shaker and, a piece Cobbler shaker is must have these days to run the party smoothly.

Bar Tools

Making a perfect drink requires much more than drinks and cocktail shakers which includes all the essential bar tools. Bar tools help in mixing and serving the drinks in less time. Cocktail shakers, bottle openers, corkscrews, and measuring cups and glasses are must-have bar tools in your party.

Purchase it from our online store so that it gets delivered right away to your home in a short time to transform your home into a sassy bar.

Buy this combo of bar tools from our online store to have a well-organized party. The set includes a measuring cup, bottle opener, and stirrer along with a cocktail shaker to create that decked up to look for your home bar. The speciality about purchasing from ellementry is our bar tools are purely handcrafted and food safe which is recommended for your guests.

Silver Brass Peg Measure

This sustainable bar tool looks chic and, adds a style statement to your bar that makes it a preferred choice for all bartenders. The 60 ml variant helps to serve the drinks for guests who prefer large drinks. 

Ice Bucket

Ice buckets are a must to have in your home bar if you have a space around the kitchen area. Everyone would go crazy for wines with ice cube fillings. So, keeping ice bars handy is crucial in a cocktail party. Adding ice to the drinks makes it cool and, as time passes the ice blends with the drink which makes it tastier too.

Store the ice buckets in a convenient place for the guests and, add a scoop into it for easy handling of ice. Choose elegantly designed metallic ice buckets from our online store that are handy to carry and, come with a stainless steel base to prevent rusting. 

Always choose large ice buckets with lids to avoid melting of the ice so that the guests can draw them whenever needed to rejoice a refreshing drink topped with ice. 

Glossy Silver Ice Bucket 

Stylish in look, this ice bucket is light-weighted and enables easy pouring of the ice. The metal plating reduces the condensation of the ice and the handle is strong enough to carry the ice gracefully.

Matt Silver Ice Bucket

This silver matt ice bucket has a mango wood base that makes it user-friendly for the guests. Choose this stunning barware to glorify your home bar by catering to the needs of the guests.


Glasses are a great addition to your home bar as they exemplify the flavour of your drinks. Some drinks have to be served only in the specific glass to make it a favourable offering for the guests. The glass set from our store looks amazing by fulfilling all the demanding needs of the bartender.

Choose these innate, hand-curated brass glasses to add a festive touch to your parties with their alluring charm. 

Tallboy Brass Flute Glass Set of Two

These stunning glassware of two glasses are the best for serving champagne to the guests and enhance the taste of the drink. Featuring a classic look, these glasses add more power to the cocktail party by allowing the guests to have a warm toast. This glass set, when placed on your table, adds so much royalty to the party with its graceful look and feel.

Blush Brass Wine Glass Set of Two

Choose these articulate glasses from our online store that are handcrafted and food safe for the guests. Serving drinks in these shining glasses makes it look sassier and reflects the celebration mood splendidly.Wine Cooler

Wine coolers are the best choice to serve the wine along with some fresh ice. Apart from keeping the wine cool, they also add a nice taste to the drink as he melted ice adds an added flavour to the drink.

Don’t miss to take a look at wine coolers at our store with handles and a sturdy base to carry the wine effortlessly. 

Glossy Silver Metal Wine Cooler

This glossy cooler with a contemporary design does the job of keeping the wine cool and ready to serve. 

Matt Silver Metal Wine Cooler with Handle

These can mean so much to your party by adding a classic look to the entire bar. These coolers come with a handle which, makes it easy to carry around to any table corner wherever your guests may be seated.

Silver Metal Wine Cooler with Legs

Created with a traditional design, this cooler comes with a leg that provides strong support if kept on any table.


Your cocktail party is a once in a year event and, to make it a big one it is important to stock all the barware readily to run the party without any intervention. Choose amazing bar accessories from our store and rock the event by spreading the festive vibes all around. Pamper your guests by giving them a memorable treat in your home bar.

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