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A well-stocked bar is a timeless one and, there is a myth that only rich people can create a home bar. It is not so as anyone can create a home bar if they have passion towards one. If you are dreaming to set up a bar at your home for a long time the perfect way to do is by stocking all the bar essentials at home by ensuring comfort to the guests. We will quickly take a tour of the needed bar essentials to make your home a happy place to hang out for that new year party. Make sure you have these essentials apart from the alcohol, beverages, wine in your table for the fellow guests.

These essentials can be split up into four categories which will be discussed in this article. The first essential happens to be a bar set up which plays a vital role in your party. These essentials are mandated in making a perfect drink.

Cocktail Shaker

A cocktail shaker goes hand in hand with any drink or alcohol. It is because it helps blend the cocktails containing juices, egg whites or cream. To make your cocktail, simply add the desired ingredients to the cocktail shaker and shake well until the ingredients blend well. This will result in a diluted solution that would be ready to serve the guests.

Cobbler Shaker

This is a perfect choice if you are just a beginner in making cocktails as it works out well. These shakers are compact and perfect for preparing single drinks. It consists of a shaker tin, lid with a built-in strainer, and a cap to seal the strainer while shaking.

Boston Shaker

A Boston shaker is usually made up of a large shaker tin and, a Boston shaker glass that fits inside the shaker perfectly. A strainer needs to be placed on top of it to filter the unwanted ingredients or ice while serving the cocktails.

French Shaker

This features a mixture of Cobbler and Boston shaker but it requires a strainer too.

Mixing Glasses

These are nothing but transparent glasses to serve your cocktails. Choose strong glasses for your home that have a heavy base, straight sides, and a spout for pouring your wine.

Make sure you choose a large enough glass to mix your cocktail and ice well.

Bar Spoons

These are spoons made for layering and stirring the cocktails. These are elongated nature with a stainless steel handle to mix the drink and, mainly don’t change the flavor of the drink. Make sure you choose a spoon with a cooked shaft that enhances the quality of your cocktail by stirring it well.

These bar spoons hold good for cocktails with high spirits and less useful for cocktails with carbonated ingredients as less stirring will only be needed.


Cocktail stainless is mandated bartending tools that eliminate the unwanted ingredients from a finished cocktail. Cobbler shakers come with built-in stainless while French or Boston shakers need a stained for sure.


These commonly found glasses used by most bartenders at bars are nothing but jiggers. You can choose basic models that are cost-effective or attractive hour-shaped glasses that are priced higher based on your liking. Always fill your cocktail up to the top level to serve it gracefully to your guests.


Muddlers come in plastic, steel, and wood. They are perfect for crushing and extracting juice from the fruits. Always choose a long-handle muddle for your bar so that it penetrates freely into long vessels.

Citrus Juicers

Citrus is an essential ingredient in many cocktails and, these juicers are a perfect way to extract fresh juice from lemons, oranges, and grapefruits. It is relatively inexpensive and is capable of extracting more juices than manual squeezing.

These modern juicers do the job like a pro also they are less stressful on hands when compared to hand squeeze. The other home bar essentials include cocktail napkins, cocktail straws, bottle openers, ice buckets, bar mats, garnishing tools, and cutting board.

There is a list of home liquors to stock up in your home that needs to be kept handy.


It is one of the famous alcohol that blends well with almost any cocktail. So make sure you stock as much of it as possible. Try out different varieties like London Dry, Ply Mouth, Old Tom, and Genever.


An excellent liquor for mixing up popular cocktails like Bloody Marys and Cosmopolitans. Since it's odourless and colourless it will mix well almost with any drink. You can make your homemade drink by infusing ingredients and garnishes at home.

Bourbon Whiskey

A tasty come affordable whiskey that is nice to sip and goes well with the traditional Old fashioned cocktail. Jim Beam and old Turkey are preferred ones for beginners.

Scotch Whiskey

It is the best choice for calming the mind and refreshing the soul. Make sure you stock enough of it in your home bar to entertain the guests.


Must-Have alcohol for all your parties as it makes a wonderful cocktail. The type of tequila depends on your choice. Gold tequila is the best and cheap one if you are planning to infuse it with other drinks. If you are planning to serve only the tequila to your guests then choose silver tequila without any hesitation.


Rums are interesting liquors to taste in a cocktail party. Dark rums are best suited for punches while light rums are good for mixing cocktails. You may choose with a light rum and then move to a dark rum if your planning for a grand cocktail party.

Mixers are the next essentials to preserve in your bar. Again the type of mixers to be stored depends on your choice. Different types of mixers to include are club soda, tonic water, sprite, ginger, orange juice, cranberry juice, tomato juice, and pineapple juice.

Garnishes are another must-have ingredients to be readily stocked in your bar to impress your guests by serving them along with cocktails. The type of garnish to choose depends on the drink. If your guests are choosing a tequila-based cocktail they would prefer citrus-based garnishes that consist of lemon as a major ingredient. Gin based cocktails demand olive and onion based garnishes.

If the bar area doesn't have a fridge, then it is suggested to prepare your garnishes like cocktail olives, horseradish, limes, lemons, Tabasco sauce, salt, pepper, sugar, and ice which are some of the essentials.


To conclude, from the above-discussed essentials we hope you would have got an idea about the requisites to be added in your home to create a bar set-up that meets all the partying needs. Serve the guests with their favourite choices of cocktails with all stunning accessories to make their cocktail party an amazing one. Entrance the guests by inviting them to your dream home bar space and, let them go awe with your bar arrangements. 

However, ensure to stock up on the necessary barware from well-reputed stores. You can check out online stores like Ellementry for more insight.

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